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16: Canzon quarti toni for 15 parts, C. 185, Sacrae Symphoniae: No. 8: Canzon duodecimi toni for 10 parts, C. 177, Sacri di Giove augei, madrigal for 12 voices, C. 119, Sacro tempio d'honor, madrigal for 5 voices, C. 95-96, Salvator noster, motet for 15 voices, C. 80, Sancta et immaculata virginitas, motet for 7 voices, C. 55, Sancta et immaculata virginitas, motet for 8 voices, C. 25, Sancta Maria succurre miseris, motet for 7 voices, C. 13, Sanctus-Benedictus, for 12 voices, C. 47 (1597), Sanctus-Benedictus, for 12 voices, C. 74 (1615), Se cantano gl'augelli, madrigal for 6 voices, C. 110, Sonata No. The musical works of Gabrieli mirror the transition from late Renaissance to the early Baroque period. The distinctive sound of his music derived in part from his association with St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice, long one of the most important churches in Europe, and for which he wrote both vocal and instrumental works. 1557-1612) mirror >the transition from the 16th-century Renaissance style to the >17th-centurybaroque. 1: Canzon primi toni, for 8 parts, C. 170, Sacrae Symphoniae: No. Explore releases from Giovanni Gabrieli at Discogs. soclassiq Sign up (or log in) to pin your favorite topics and follow them easily, to pin news articles and videos for later reading 21 ("con tre violini"), for 4 or 5 parts, C. 214, Surrexit Christus, motet for 11 voices, C. 66, Surrexit Christus, motet for 12 or 16 voices, C. 141, Surrexit pastor bonus, motet for 10 voices, C. 37, Suscipe clementissime Deus, motet for 12 voices, C. 70, Timor et tremor, motet for 6 voices (1615), C. 142, Toccata for keyboard (attributed), C. D11, Toccata for keyboard (attributed), C. D12, Toccata for keyboard (attributed), C. D14, Toccata primi toni, for keyboard (attributed), C. D10, Toccata quinti toni, for organ (attributed), C. S2, Udite, chiari e generosi figli, madrigal for 15 voices, C. 121, Virtute magna, motet for 12 voices, C. 42. Giovanni Gabrieli (c. 1554/1557–1612) was an Italian composer and organist. ISBN 0-393-95136-7; Kenton, Egon. Giovanni Gabrieli (c.1553-1612) Works for Brass, Volume 2 . The first nine chapters are organized according to the 12-volume edition of Gabrieli's complete works. Giovanni Gabrieli (composer ca. 5: Canzon duodecimi toni for 8 parts, C. 174, Sacrae Symphoniae: No. Giovanni Gabrieli, Category: Artist, Albums: Giovanni Gabrieli: Dialoghi musicali, Gabrieli: Complete Keyboard Music, 1615 Gabrieli in Venice, Gabrieli: Music for Brass Ensemble (Arr. No. 1 ("La Spiritata"), for 4 parts, C. 186, Canzon No. E-mail Citation » This Italian-language study, based on a combination of documentary research and thoroughgoing analysis of individual compositions, is by far the most detailed discussion presently available of Gabrieli’s life, works, and social and cultural milieu. 28 ("Sol sol la sol fa mi"), for 8 parts, C. 191, Chiar'angioletta semb'agl'occhi miei, madrigal for 8 voices, C. 117, Confitebor tibi Domine, motet for 13 voices, C. 76, Congratulamini mihi, motet for 6 voices, C. 54, Deus qui beatum Marcum, motet for 10 voices, C. 36, Deus, Deus meus, ad te, motet for 10 voices, C. 4, Deus, in nomine tuo, motet for 8 voices (1615), C. 59, Diligam te, Domine, motet for 8 voices, C. 26, Dolce nemica mia, madrigal for 7 voices, C. 112, Domine Dominus noster, motet for 8 voices, C. 22, Domine exaudi orationem meam. Processional And Ceremonial Music For Voices, Organ And Brass, Les Concerts Du Domaine Musical - III Concert Saison 1956, Concerto For Four Viols / La Capriola (Canzone) / Canzone / Suite For Violins, Choirs and Orchestra of the Gabrieli Festival, Maîtres Italiens Des XVIè et XVIIè Siècles, The Brass Ensemble of The Vienna State Opera Orchestra, Gabrieli Und Seine Zeit: Canzonen Und Sonaten, Gabrieli (Andrea, Giovanni And Domenico) / Johann Pezel, Sacrae Symphoniae And Canzoni For Double Choir, Brass And Organ, Mitglieder Des Orchesters Der Wiener Staatsoper*, Canzon Septini Toni Nr.

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