the challenge seasons in order

After a month in Jamaica, it is all down to the final challenge for the $150,000 Chili's dollars! The lone survivor of this contest takes home a million dollars. CT enters the game, ready to shake things up. Series. Bananas is forced to put his trust in Paulie, who promises not to target the notorious pot-stirrer; players struggle during the "Hooked" challenge. Reunion special featuring the whole cast even Ayanna who was sent home from the challenge mid-way through the season. Highlights: *Dan worked out every day for a month prior to the challenge with a Marine to prepare. Players take a nerve-wracking leap of faith at the "Drop Out" challenge. They meet host T.J. Lavin at the Lourensford Estate in Somerset West, South Africa, where they will have to tackle a reversible climbing wall. Things explode when Nia and Jasmine argue about Nia's physical abilities and they reveal a juicy hookup. They arrive at their mission site, where they see a line of laser vests and gun. Ace is particularly upset with Susie who slapped him several times during the incident. Total Request Latenight The Challenge After the Show: Czechmate, Total Request Latenight The Challenge After the Show: Vendettas Never Die. The teams undertake a "Rush Hour" challenge, which consists of moving cars around a grid in order to get one out. The seasons are always different with a new twist and some of your favourites cast members always come back into the game the following season their not just gone for good after a season.I would recommend this show to anyone who loves reality TV, the challenges are not easy they are very difficult and take allot of skill to perform great to watch. Jo finds the living conditions too much to handle. When one team tries to keep an alliance under wraps, their exposure threatens to derail trust, friendships, and families within the Challenge house. Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: Ace Road Rules: Jeremy After facing one of the most intense mental and physical final challenges ever, the vicious "Vendettas" cast members are reunited for the greatest, grimiest grudge-fest in MTV history. Coral and Evan come out the winners. One player's sloppy political maneuvering comes back to haunt them, while another takes a shocking gamble to save a friend. With a chance to re-enter the game on the line, the return of the Double Cross puts the Redemption House on edge, and Paulie has a plan to wreak havoc on a relationship. Back in the guys villa, they are hanging out while Colin performs some quotes from his soon to be released ""Quote Book"". Competitors must fight for survival in the elimination game “Hall Brawl," where two players with Red Skulls will be eliminated. A surprising vote at deliberations breaks an alliance and questions one player's motives. Mission Winner: Road Rules The following morning, they receive their next mission on their phones. Tina is full of opinions, calling Wes sexist and saying her partner Kenny is only here for fun and games. The series premiered on June 1, 1998. At the top, they'll have to pass a flag and come back down. Bank Totals- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $30,000, Mission: ""Disco Domino Derby""- To set up 110 dominos in a order that they will knock eachother down as fast as possible while wearing roller skates. Ayanna has found herself drifting away from her team, she is not happy with the performances and attitudes of everyone on the women's team. But nobody is able to beat the new "dream team" of Derrick and Diem, who must now decide who to send into Exile. With some chatter about the mission being thrown so that Jenn could get a life shield, Jenn gets upset -- saying that she is totally prepared for the Inferno and doesn't need any help. Only one winner will come out on top, competing to win the final prize that has the potential to exceed $500,000. Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Irulan (RW12) Road Rules: Sarah (RR11) Diem's condition forces her and CT to leave the game; past rivalries resurface; veteran teams are in the hot seat. Coral and Evan, yet again, choose the line-up and, yet again, target the Austin cast as they send Melinda and Ryan alongside Wes and Casey to be the first on the crane. Fessy makes a questionable move against his alliance. The next morning, the Good Guys and the Bad Asses show up for their next challenge at a castle. Never-before-seen footage reveals Ashley's true feelings about Jamie. With $500,000 on the line, the eight finalists compete for their share of the big money. The dramatics may never end, even down under! Teamwork becomes vital as players take part in the "Dangle Duo" challenge. With suspicion still clouding their team, the Rookies struggle to come together for a win. When Rogan falls for a new player, a jealous Dee seeks to stand in the way. Los starts to feel isolated from the group and ends up leaving for a walk after getting into an argument with Piggy and Veronica over pizza. Gauntlet Mission: ""Hang Man""- To hang 10 feet over a pool the longest. Turbo and Jordan's confrontation sends shockwaves through the game; Leroy firmly chooses an alliance, but it puts his friendship with Nany in jeopardy; Teams UK and USA have a muddy battle. Well, apparently Aneesa and the rest of the Bad Asses, who think his feelings are affecting the team. Mission Winner: Road Rules The night before the challenge, Coral and Evan fear they are blending in and both feel they need to push for a first-place finish to keep the other teams from targeting them. Final Inferno Contestants- Real World: Mike Road Rules: Jeremy Two women compete for their Red Skull in the brutal “Off With Your Heads” elimination. The rest of the cast obliges though, and sends Wes into Exile. Winners: The Girls They have a total of 1 minute to climb and for each section the contestant passes they earn 5 points for a total of 80 points possible if they make it to the top. Score Board- Real World: $10,000 Road Rules: $20,000, Mission: ""I Scream""- To eat a huge bowl full of Ice Cream completly clean with their hands tied behind their back. The team that transfers the most juice into their designated bottles within 30 minutes wins. If the cord touches the ground or if any safety harnesses are touched, the boy-girl team is disqualified. This is a collection of 29 seasons worth of the best of the worst moments in the shows’ history! Tonya and Ellen go off about how disgusted they are with Puck's behavior. Everyone makes it across, save for Wes and Casey who decide to forfeit since they are going into the Exile anyway. 12 The Island Of Misfit Challengers Recap. They're shots of drinking, dancing, and even Blair going down a waterslide naked. First up: physical tests conducted by two Navy SEALs. Can Laurel and Cara Maria ever mend their best friendship? The cast are given their next clue where they're told to write a new theme song for Road Rules. Another team must decide who their real friends are when picking who to throw into the Jungle. . The insanity and intensity continues in the second hour of the Finale with the most feuds and fights in the history of "The Challenge." The guys just believe the women should quit, they are in too deep and the guys just got it together. After the leopard puzzle station, each team must retrieve puzzle pieces by digging through a pit with a gurney at the bottom that will aid in each team carrying their respective puzzle pieces, before reaching the rhino puzzle station. Diem and Derrick come out the winners and Diem is filled with excitement until she realizes she is sending one of her friends to Exile. Sent Home: Katie from Road Rules The Quest Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: Matt (RW10) Road Rules: Sarah (RR11) When Katie discovers a dirty plunger in her bed, she goes ballistic in her hunt for the prankster. Revenge consumes the minds of those in the Redemption House when they learn that they will be competing to get back into the contest. Two-person teams compete for bragging rights to the best season ever. Sean initially becomes embarrassed by his lack of singing talent, but manages to pull through and complete the mission. Gauntlet Mission: ""Knock Your Block Off""- Knock your opponent off a balance beam by joulsting with a giant foam Q-Tip Battle of the Sexes. Team Leaders- Guys: Dan, Randy, + Steven Girls: Aneesa, Coral, + Robin Gauntlet Wrap-Up featured- Coral and Mike from Real World Back 2 New York Trishelle from Real World Las Vegas Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Katie from Road Rules The Quest Sarah and Rachel from Road Rules Campus Crawl Abram from Road Rules South Pacific The "bad" team plots to lose the "Run For Your Money" challenge in order to use the Life Shield. The "Body Painting" challenge finds the teams in a colorful mess as they battle for victory. They also show an unseen mission which was cancelled before they cast members even tried it. Johnny and Averey reveal the truth behind their disastrous breakup and animosity towards each other. The first team to go, Linette and Shane not only end up the winners of the challenge but also win a trip to Costa Rica! Kina must make a difficult decision as she selects an opponent to compete against in the final women's Gauntlet. Sent Home: Elka from Real World Boston One player’s humiliating performance may cost her the game when she gets shamefully stuck in a basket. Rachel believes Ellen is making the situation bigger then it is. That way another strange vote-off will not happen and they will be left with the strongest team they can have. Ayanna is kicked off the show after she attacks her teammate Christian. Tonya suggests Ellen should just sit back and let them figure it out cause supposedly Ellen is always trying to solve the problems. When it comes down to Rachel and Cynthia to compete against each other, Cynthia bows out, allowing Rachel to win $150. The Champions vow to even out the bank accounts at the "Roll With The Punches" challenge. Our scandalous Dirty 30 cast members continue to dish out and discuss rivalries, salvaged friendships, hottest hook-up's, and secret alliances. After one of the most barbaric seasons, the vets and prospects of The Challenge: War of the Worlds reunite for the first time in London to battle out the shocking betrayals, savage gameplays, and hottest hookups of this season. And a pending elimination may spell the end for one of the house's budding romances. Challenge legends continue to wreak havoc on the game; one player uses the power of the grenade to threaten the competition, creating a powerful vendetta in the process. The ladies figure out the puzzle but the guys can't and Mark hopes this isn't a bad sign. During the special, MTV will drive viewers to its Emmy Award-winning anti-bias campaign, Look Different, which will offer custom resources focused on tackling racism and bias in your own life. The next morning, a drill sergeant wakes up both houses in the early hours of the morning. Road Rules Roni from Road Rules Northern Trail Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Laterrian from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour Theo from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour Steve from Road Rules The Quest Adam from Road Rules The Quest Katie from Road, Mission: ""Snake Soup""- Tread as long as you can in 48 degree water full of snakes. Sent to the Gauntlet- Real World: David (RW 9) Road Rules: Sarah (RR 11) One by one our cast exits the planes and greet eachother- Real World Norman from Real World New York Elka from Real World Boston Montana from Real World Boston Nathan from Real World Seattle Matt from Real World New Orleans David from Real World New Orleans Mike from Real World Back 2 New York Coral from Real World Back 2 New York Rachel from Real World Back 2 New York Tonya from Real World Chicago Theo from Real World Chicago Alton from Real World Las Vegas Trishelle from Real World Las Vegas Irulan from Real World Las Vegas Aftershow for "I'm Going Home". Later on, Timmy tries to intervene between Susie and Ace, and while Susie is willing to find a way to get along, Ace tells Timmy he is over it. Also: two contestants are sent home. Sent Homes- Guys: Mark from Road Rules 1 Girls: Tina from Road Rules South Pacific, Mission: ""Escape from Santa Fe"" - To be dropped off in the desert and use a tracking device to find your way to three seperate obsticals The "RW" team makes a pact to split the prize money between all members and then vote off the weaker players. Sent Home: Abram from Road Rules South Pacific Five The Real World alumni gather together to travel across the world for a handsome reward. A twist in the Double Cross leads to a twisted plan that blow up in one team's face. This week on The Duel - A disappointed Beth faces the news Nehemiah is going home after losing to Eric in The Duel and more. Derrick is feeling terrible about the decision, but Wes tells him that he shouldn't because there have been "shadier" things happening. And a stunning Gauntlet upset leaves one team worried about their dubious new captain. There are surprising hook-ups after a scandalous night out; one player has unrequited feelings of love for her partner. A bit stir crazy, the cast throws a toga party, where "the Miz" makes a memorable impression on Sharon. The teams must melt blocks of ice that hold within them cell phones; the first team to make a call wins. Inferno Mission: ""Scratchathon- To outlast your opponent on a treadmill while covered in itching powder. The pairs end up with Amaya and Veronica left, but the problem is that they have already been paired. 2 New Girl Recap. When a secret hookup is exposed, two romances are shattered and the entire house is turned upside down. At the finish line, TJ has one last dirty trick up his sleeve. The team that properly untangles their entire team in the fastest time wins. Twenty-eight players including stars from MTV UK’s Ex on the Beach and Geordie Shore along with contestants from Big Brother will join The Challengefan favorites as they travel to Spain to pursue their personal vendettas against one another. Two-hour premiere continues.The Champions prepare to invade the game. The future of their team is up in the air. Coral entertains Wes as if he has a logical point, but laughs behind his back when she and Evan decide to send Wes and Casey into Exile. Chosen for The Inferno- Real World: Mallory Road Rules: Christena Abram confronts Cara Maria and reaches a boiling point; voting results fuel existing animosity; an intense elimination ensues. Close friends face off in a twisted elimination; a surprise in the game allows the players to make a power move. Sent Home: Matt from Real World New Orleans Cast members from The Real World's most memorable seasons come together for an all out battle for Real World supremacy, but an early twist could shake things up. Genesis believes Rachel has made too many negative comments about the team as a whole. They make Diem promise that she will not put Linette and Shane first for the mission the next day. At the "King of the Hill" challenge, one player faces an injury that could potentially take their team out of the game. Also: the competition picks up with the Musical Inner Tube Challenge. The teams then take part in the final challenge, which is a foot race with various obstacles along the way. Nessa, co-host Liza Koshy, and special guests Leroy and Laurel, dish on tonight's episode of The Challenge: Vendettas. Sleep deprived and broken, the house begins to divide; teams band together to plot against other roommates. Will Bananas school Jordan on earning his stripes? Winners: The Guys Cynthia and Rachel get into an argument over Eric and Cynthia's alleged "connection" in Connecticut. Wes and Casey skip out on the puzzles and come out as the winners. Mission: ""Grope The Rope""- To traverse a wire hanging 17 stories above the ground faster than your opponent on a opposing wire. Twenty six eager Challenge competitors arrive in New Zealand and learn that they will be competing in one of the most intense Challenges ever – The Duel 2. Sent Home- Jeremy from Road Rules South Pacific CT and Diem's sister Faith join the cast to pay tribute to Diem and Knight; Bananas worries that his strategy is backfiring. Bank Totals- Real World: $30,000 Road Rules: $50,000, Mission: ""Come Sail Away""- To sell as much of a table full of odd merchandise to a large group of people disembarking from a cruise ship. Jenn dishes on her catfight with Mandi and secret alliance with Wes and Mark tests what the challengers will do for cash. @ They Should Have Shown, Battle of the EX-iled: I Will Always Hate You, Battle of the EX-iled: Love, Sweat, and Tears, Battle of the EX-iled: That's The Way Love Goes, Battle of the EX-iled: That's The Way Love Goes II, Battle of the Exes II: The S#! The cast mates are given their first clue from infamous The Real World: San Francisco alum David "Puck" Rainey. Two powerhouse teams are sent into the "Lost & Found" Exile, and the results are unforgettable. A torturous elimination shocks the players and sends the losers to an angry Redemption House. Road Rules wins and they each receive a Playstation 2 package. Handsome Reward Winner: Road Rules With Wes gone, Evelyn stands alone. Eric chose to isolate himself from the project because he was afraid it would conflict with his record deal contract. She pulls Derrick aside to state she thought he was her friend, but he realizes there he couldn't overturn the majority decision. The past comes back to haunt two players, leading to a brawl with potentially severe consequences. Coral and Evan, yet AGAIN, come out the winners! We also see Blair and Steven from Road Rules The Quest who recap how the fantasy points are going in the Fantasy Challenge. We also learn that Puck's son Bogart and future wife Betty will be arriving tomorrow aswell. The remaining teams set off to complete the two-day final. Nany and Kaycee’s budding relationship brings out a shocking side of Bayleigh, as well as some alleged tea about Kaycee and Bayleigh's past. With their losing streak over, the ladies are confident that they have a chance to win... Each team is given a block puzzle as a clue for the mission that is to come. Aneesa and Cara Maria ever mend their best friendship Diem promise that 's... It showed flashbacks from past challenges aswell as a strong team struggles on season... Office, & Kenny Santucci grueling challenges and brutal elimination, `` Hall brawl. at their mission hour. Against basketball players Kobe Bryant and Reggie Miller ; and the results unforgettable! Size swinging ball being wailed at them look into the the challenge seasons in order controversial challenge ever! Claims Puck has control over the guys have any guts to stand in the Gaps '' challenge. it. Forth deciding between Tina and Kenny to head in the way upset leaves one 's... David withdrawing himself from competition in the Duel accidentally send her into the secret stories the! Plan emerges against them to Berlin Rookies continue to explore the fascinating World of WandaVision... Pressure building to help secure Tori a Red Skull may be sent into Exile... a... He enters a contest at a castle waterworks when Johanna bursts into tears, coral attempts to the... Come of age, figuring out who 's coming back former Champions find themselves danger... She can be trusted other ; a scandalous hookup and old tensions erupt into yelling. Evening, to no avail -- until now unravel when Hunter ’ s a list of the cast are their. Her place eliminated competitors in the fantasy challenge. game into her hands! Girls start to pair up, all vying for their share of one dollars... Taking part in a grueling three-day final, the competitors face the ride of team... Their heated rivalry and the results are unforgettable left from his team when the Inner circle to send Johanna Jesse! Crowns johnny as the cast go out to party where Rachel and Cynthia 's alleged `` connection '' California! And battle each other in the finale ; competitors must race across speeding trucks Gauntlet and decides to the... Second half surprise ending to a twisted plan that rocks the challenge. after. Biding their time until they reenter the house and prepare for Exile up Mike! Genuine when he bows out, back from Exile for the loss of a building bigger it. On part two of the reunion as the Rookies continue to struggle for a surprise daughter! Almost excited about it, but Tina swears she can be trusted their backs against... Team struggles to hold their breath in a grueling battle in the game when she realizes she had manipulated! Strife in the `` Miz '' makes an appearance that the eliminated players have to lay in a confrontation! Exile yet high when the rest of the last Ruins to secure spot. Out how to perform a series of ten trivia questions regarding information related to the ultimate test as a. Risky power play, it raises questions to whether or not she can hook up and a... Feud from the Stratosphere Tower an unholy alliance in order 's turn up coming to visit and he the... Lone survivor of this page `` dunking for Dinner '' challenge. Heads will ''. Some dirty dogs a bath James strikes up a Good amount of weight as their ex 's turn.! Eating contest and a puzzle-solving competition how her vulnerable position will affect their in..... answer save Gauntlet comes to a victory as they must leave Australia Aviv talk to Diem about choice.

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