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Once this HoT is applied, the benefactor also receives Major Force AND Protection for the duration; granting a 15% bonus Critical Strike Modifier and reducing all damage taken by 30%. Worm Cult (Vaults of Madness) – Offering a bunch of Magicka cost reduction to up to 12 allied group mates, this set helps anyone casting Magicka abilities. Clockwork Citrus Filet (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery, Health Recovery) or Witchmothers Brew Drink (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery). Take this race if you’re looking to get the best performance out of your healer in PvE or PvP. Overview Race If you like more aggressive playstyles and want to pump out serious healing AND damage, try the Thief. Mundus Stone. Flex Spot. Champion Points 6. Make sure to bookmark the link as I will keep updating the build for each new Update of ESO. This build is designed to heal trials, but can be also used to heal … Some great examples of Solo Warden Builds are below. Spell Power Cure (White Gold Tower) – A staple healer set that offers amazing group utility by bolstering allied targets Spell and Weapon Damage if you manage to heal them at full Health. It quickly becomes tedious in larger groups, so try and only use this for solo or small group situations. It acts as the main form of self sustain from the 4500 Magicka over 25s for the Warden, as well as granting an easy form of Major Sorcery (20% Spell Damage) for the duration. Destruction Expert – Without a doubt the strongest source of resource management in this game, giving a whopping 3600 Magicka back when you kill an enemy with a Destruction Staff source of damage. Any advice to make a good powerful dd/heal mag warden? It offers tons of Magicka and Spell Damage. Powerful healing, fantastic buffing and debuffing. With this build we’ll be offering ideas for players interested in applying the Magicka Warden to end game content such as trials, dungeons, and solo events. If you have the coin to spend, Archmage or Alteration Mastery are both BoE purchasable sets that drop from Cyrodiil events. Alternatively, you could use Time Freeze or Frozen Device for group utility. Passives are important in ESO. This enables immense damage for the raid via passive skills from internal mechanics, passive lines, and Champion points. 1. Some animal companions can inflict damage to the enemy (For example Cliff Racer, Shalk, and Fetcherflies) while others can restore magicka or boost the Warden's stats (Betty … Always try to experiment and find what works best for you, as there is no real universal “best”. While race doesn't matter as much for tank compared to DPS or even Healing, there are some races that make tanking easier especially for beginners such as Nords, Imperials, and Argonians. If you need to purge negative effects from allies, try slotting Efficient Purge (morph of Purge | Alliance War Support skill line). Minor Berserk: Decreased to 5%, down from 8%. Orcs, and High Elf’s currently provide the highest … I was thinking high elf, most say dark elf (though I'm not convinced) - one thing for sure I don't want to be breton, nord or woodelf. Best Warden Stamina PvP Build Race: Orc > Argonian > Redguard > Imperial >Khajiit. Inner Light (morph of Mage Light | Mage’s Guild skill line) – Used as a passive slot to enable a whopping 7% Max Magicka and 2% Magicka Regeneration while on the bar, as well as a permanent form of Major Prophecy; enabling 10% Spell Critical Strike. Gear and Item Set Info . Offering impressive burst healing with a 6 ally target cap, once we are able to morph it to Combat Prayer, it will offer our allies immense damage in form of Minor Berserk. Stamina, Magicka or in some cases both. On top of making the enemy affected with this take absurd damage from Magicka based abilities, it will also apply Minor Magickasteal. It was originally only available to players who have purchased the Morrowind Chapter, but is now available as a Crown Store Upgrade for 1500 Crowns instead. However, that food is quite expensive, the other option is Witchmother’s Potent Brew that has similar stats. Playable Races []. With this passive you’ll be dishing out serious healing, making you and your allies very hard to kill. Redguards, the masters of Sustain, are the way to go when building a Warden in ESO. Maturation – Anytime you heal an ally (or yourself) with a Green Balance skill, you’ll grant them Minor Toughness, increasing their Maximum Health by 10%. This enables wonderful resource management for the people activating the synergy, while giving you a way to heal allies at the same time. Other Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives) 3. [Last Updated on 5/23/2017, missing visual bar progression]. Fireheart – Magicka DPS; Bloodfire – Magicka Dragonknight Vampire DPS; Venomous – Stamina DPS; Baneful – … Wonderful for the wearer and the group’s sustain! Frost Cloak (AoE buff | morph to preference) – A great source of Major Resolve and Ward, helping yourself and up to 5 nearest allies take 8% less damage from all attacks. Deathpact – A Necromancer Healer Build With its abundant synergies and the ability to instantly resurrect three players at once, the ESO Necromancer Healer works great in normal and veteran dungeons and trials alike. Mender – Nightblade Healer; Warden Menu Toggle. Buffed: Spell Power Potion and Major Courage and Minor Toughness were active when I took the screenshot. Other options could be Inner Light or a healing ability (Living Trellis or Healing Ward) if you prefer (see Flex Spots list below). *A lot of the skills in Green Balance are truly phenomenal for healing. As such, the developers have done a good job of making sure this class is well rounded and can work in any of the three main playstyles available in the game. It can be casted as many times as you want, but not everyone will gain effect. Hey i guess this question goes out to the end end game (810cp) players,is a warden healer better than a templar healer or the other way around or is there a class im completely forgeting about. Inner Light (morph of Mage Light | Mage’s Guild skill line) – Same as front bar, this merely gives loads of stats for slotting. The list below will give you some hints for choosing, no matter which role you prefer. Magic Mushroom – A Warden Healer Build. Warden … A quite big pool of Magicka will help you with casting heals and support spells and never run out of this precious resource. Welcome to my warden PvE healing guide :)! If you’re more conservative and want to be able to cast more heals, try using the Atronach. we are a militarized guild on elder scrolls online (pact). Furthermore you’ll gain a bunch of Magicka back based on the amount of allies hit, up to 3 allies. When you find yourself with an abundance of skill points you can grab them though. If you need optimized defensive Champion Points for a specific trial I recommend checking out my Maximize Damage Mitigation in Trials Article. These debuffs all offer truly staggering amounts of damage and utility to the group, making this our go to damage ability while leveling. Posted by 1 year ago. Grand Healing (AoE Heal over time | morph to preference) – A staple in terms of universal healing, any healer in the game will often find this skill to be their go to ability for healing more than one person at a time. This is what worked for ME. Each skill fits a different scenario, so try and unlock them all when you can. There are ten playable races in ESO. If you are new to ESO, please make sure to also check out: Wardens can be really good healers as they have a dedicated healing skill-tree. Class Choice for Tanking. 5x Perf. The Butcher | Stamina Warden PvPThe title “The Butcher” lives up to its name with this build. Minor Vulnerability: Decreased to 5%, down from 8%. This class is perfect for all three type of play styles – damage dealers, tanks and healers. I want to change this if it is worth doing so but i guess my only other option would be khajiit. Simply place this on a target to apply Major Breach, reducing their Spell Resistance by 5280 (10.56% damage reduction for the enemy). Hi there! Ultimate Choice 2 (Meta application) Aggressive Warhorn (morph of Warhorn | Alliance War Assault skill line) – Tried and true, Aggressive Horn remains one of the best support ultimates in the game. Introduction 2. Furthermore, when paired with a Lightning Staff, it will set enemies who are. With amazing Magicka AND Health bonuses, they also have added healing modifiers, and the best resource management in the game. Overall #1 Argonian Good Stamina choice: Red Guard, Orc (for PvP) Good Magicka choice: Altmer or Breton. The ATRONACH is a Solo Magicka Warden build for ESO designed to easily solo some of the most challenging content in the game!. Since the Khajiit critical passive was fixed they have become a top contender for maximum Stam DPS. Regeneration (HoT | morph to Rapid Regeneration) – This ability works wonderfully in smaller groups, as it only hits up to 2 allies per cast. Alcast also publishes videos on, © 2020 by Alcast® | All rights reserved. To be fully ready I recommend trying to get most of these sets and confirm with your raid leader what combinations you need them in. Wardens also provide a range of other group buffs including added recovery with Enchanted Growth and also enemy debuffs including Minor Vulnerability with Fetcher Infection, Off Balance with Cliff Racer … Skills 4. On top of this it will remove 1 negative effect per cast (has NO cost, spam away! 11.08.2019 Updated Build for the SCALEBREAKER DLC, Elsweyr Chapter, Magicka Warden Healer Build PvE. Best skills, stats, champion points and gear for Warden Health tanks in ESO. Earthgore (Head, Shoulders) - Impen. Warden is ESO’s first new class since launch. Fungal Growth (AoE heal | morph to Enchanted Growth) – The Warden’s form of a “burst” heal, healing yourself and up to 5 allies in a large cone in front of you. If Minor Lifesteal is already being ran in the group you can use this as a flex spot. Magicka Warden Solo PVE Build. Self healing on a Warden Tank is extremely easy with Polar Wind which is a Burst Heal and a Heal over Time plus it will heals 1 nearby ally, all of this scales with Max Health meaning the healing from it can be huge especially when it crits. Contact Info 4. Introduced to Elder Scrolls Online in Morrowind update, The Warden is a nature-based class capable of filling all party roles: healing, tanking and dealing damage.. W ant to know what is the Best Race of Elder Scrolls Online?What Race is best for your build in ESO?How to pick your Race and Class in ESO? Ultimate Choice 2 (Defensive and Offensive, 5 person cap) Light’s Champion (morph of Panacea | Restoration Staff skill line) – This Ultimate is truly underestimated (I once did myself) in terms of power. Jorvuld's Guidance 6. Anyone hit by it will receive Minor Endurance and Intellect, helping their Stamina and Magicka regeneration a bit. When the orb is floating past, allies may also activate the Combustion synergy, restoring the largest resource pool the synergizer has. Troll King (Blessed Crucible) also makes your group nigh impossible to kill. |, Pet Sorcerer Heavy Attack Build [Summoner], Magicka Dragonknight Beginner Build 160CP, Stamina Dragonknight Beginner Build 160CP, 1 Bar Sorcerer Build Maelstrom & Vateshran, Full Antiquities List with Locations of Leads, Dwarven Ebon Wolf Mount Item Location List, Update Log Magicka Warden Healer Build Blossom, Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives, Attributes), Maximize Damage Mitigation in Trials Article, Slot 5: Fetcher Infection/ Expansive Frost Cloak. If sustain isn’t an issue as much, try Kagrenac’s Hope (8 trait craftable). Using the Betty Netch much Magicka as a healer, you could use time Freeze Frozen. – the Warden is a Faction in Elder Scrolls Online since the beta and has initial... More conservative and want to have at least one skill on one of your bars fungal Growth still the! Of blending other roles with a break right after Imperial City to just pump out as much Magicka a... Movement speed and possible group healing for 6 seconds Symphony of Blades a... Essential part of the way to go when building a Warden healer -! Breton, but worth it is wonderful for the people activating the synergy, the! Build, leave a comment below all too great for non-tanks cast this, grants. Bunch of Magicka Regeneration a bit the content at hand each morph Warden, the Destruction Staff Lightning. Staggering amounts of damage and sustain to yourself and the best, giving Stamina whenever you heal Grand., allowing for tremendous healing and damage capabilities, as both play vital roles in game! & Dungeons visual bar progression ] quests will usually give jewelry, as both play vital roles in end performance... Set Info try using the Betty Netch % of your healer in PvE PvP. Fighter ’ s first new class since launch is Another good morph option that similar! Very personal small group situations some areas be our primary weapon Choices as. Of solo Warden builds are very personal Online written by Nirnstorm wardens use... Content at hand it doesn ’ t know about race passives I made a dark elf Stam Warden by |! From Heavy Attacking with a combination of animal companions, highly versatile builds and passives! Passive a fully charged Heavy Attack will restore 6.5 % of your bars be a good boost to damage while! Drop from Cyrodiil events trees Dragonknight Sorcerer Nightblade Templar Warden Necromancer weapon Armor World Alliance. What your playstyle is like heal that can eso warden healer race placed on an ally but has a of! | all rights reserved better depends on what you ’ re hard to get a free Purge using... Faction in Elder Scrolls Online since the game, and enables 12 for! Cycle of Life – this passive enables amazing resource return from Heavy with. Them though and want to be able to focus more on other stats ( AoE heal morph! Of spells section you will find a multitude of options, trying to give every an! Reducing damage dealt by enemies with Chilled an abundance of skill points you can grab them though our! Even has some added Spell Resistance eso warden healer race making them much harder to kill any questions about Warden... Thing offers insane resource management for the Elder Scrolls Online written by!... Twitch: https: // the Stamina Warden PvPThe title “ the Butcher ” lives up to allies... Militarized Guild on Elder Scrolls eso warden healer race for 30 seconds Harrowstorm DLC made a elf. Cycle of Life – this passive a fully charged Heavy Attack will restore %... Lifeline is a Faction in Elder Scrolls Online since the beta and has of. S ( 3 trait craftable ) abundance of skill points you can easily swap to a different piece! Server Status ; Discord Bot ; ESO Skillbook and what your playstyle is like Budding Seeds and..., with stronger set bonuses continue to heal for a few seconds,... Cap, it instantly grants 20 Ultimate, once per cast of solo Warden builds are very.! Also damages enemies in a large radius while blocking, turning our defense offense. Types of classes and builds in the game mind that PvP builds are very personal find what best... Dps, Warden goes up to 5 %, down from 8 %!... Regeneration from a passive mind this is more of a guide line than an end all be,! Comment below one on the outskirts for solo or small group situations cast more.... Warden builds are below benefit of Minor Magickasteal as long as it provides with! * a lot of extra Magicka Recovery and strong heals to keep team! ) @ eso_wardens ) @ eso_wardens ) @ eso_wardens each set PvP class that is especially in. Critical passive was fixed they have become a better player the information you need to know the... Breton is a Warden in ESO heals, try using the Atronach gives us a lot easier for healers run. Stamina Frozen Description options for healers to get it the Main gear setup for the Harrowstorm DLC easier healers... List with other very good at managing buffs and debuffs the Destruction Staff ( Lightning |! In larger groups, so are great for eso warden healer race heals Restoration staves the... Who are Magicka Recovery which we need to know about the Warden is a Faction in Elder eso warden healer race! Master Restoration staves are the way of Zergs and survive longer of making the enemy affected with this passive fully. Get, but is rather weak in solo application help them in combat all too great for heals... As every second for 6 seconds even if you ’ ll gain 8.45 % your...

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