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Powering various sectors with our customize temporary power solutions that ensures continuous production

We provide fully-customizable, multi-megawatt temporary power plants to help increase production of industries and power related sectors. Constant electricity is provided by our large-scale power solutions during peak season production (peak shaving) or during planned maintenance shutdown of your facilities.

Our temporary power projects support government initiatives to ensure continuous economic progress and improve the social development of their citizens.


Our turnkey interim power plant supports mining operations anywhere in the world. Whether you require electricity in the jungles of Africa or the mountains of Latin America, we can swiftly deliver power.


Reliable temporary power or back-up power plant for the aviation industry that guarantees continuous power for airport facilities, aviation manufacturers and control towers.

Transportation - Aviation

Our multi-megawatt temporary power plant is the most comprehensive solution for power generation utility companies. And we deliver temporary power plants in short notice anytime and anywhere you need it.

Utility Power Generation

We help industrial companies cope up with high electricity demand during peak production, load-lopping, seasonal needs, facility maintenance, emergency or unplanned shutdowns with our temporary power plants.

Industrial Manufacturing

The safest temporary power plant specifically designed for the oil & gas industry. Our CAT diesel engine driven packages can be installed in Zone 2 Hazardous areas, keeping in line with legislative and regulatory standards in the oil & gas industry.

Oil & Gas

Whether it is navy vessels, seaport terminals or dry docks, our temporary power plant supports the industry of maritime/shipping around the world.

Transportation - Maritime

Helping you avoid electricity disruption by supporting power transmission companies during emergencies, outages or during planned maintenances.

Utility Power Transmission

Our temporary power packages for industrial applications uses the latest and most fuel-efficient CAT generators available in the market. Making it the best interim solution for industrial companies.

Manufacturing Consumer Goods

Our mobile temporary power plant for petrochemicals and refining companies is designed for Zone 2 hazardous areas. It provides safe shutdown and removal of all potential ignition sources in the event of a platform confirmed combustible gas release.

Petrochemicals & Refineries

Our temporary power plant can help ease load shedding, avoid rolling blackouts and power cuts that leads to economic instability.

Utility Power Distribution

We provide electricity to remote areas where electricity is not accessible. We can either distribute power to multiple small areas or to a single large rural community.

Utility Rural Electrification