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Aden’s Governor, PEC & Altaaqa Global Inaugurates Power Plant

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Aden’s Governor, PEC & Altaaqa Global Inaugurates Power Plant


Altaaqa Global strives to meet the electricity needs of every Yemeni citizen as envisioned by The President, His Excellency Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. The 54 MW temporary power plant can supply up to 150,000 homes with electricity, benefiting more than half a million people in the city of Aden. Also present at the inauguration were various officials from Public Electricity Corporation (PEC) and other government and non-governmental officials.



Aden, Yemen – Altaaqa Global, a leading global power solutions provider, has successfully installed a 54 MW temporary power plant in Aden, Yemen. His Excellency Wahid Ali Rashid, Governor of Aden and Engineer Khalil Abdul-Malik, Director General of Public Electricity Corporation (PEC), together with the Executives of Altaaqa Global inaugurated the temporary power plant that can provide electricity to 150,000 customers in Yemen.


“With this new power plant, 95% of the workforce is local Yemeni engineers and the remaining 5% are from Altaaqa Global Caterpillar.” According to Steven Meyrick, Managing Director of Altaaqa Global, “We are committed to helping our immediate environs through a sustainable business model by creating employment opportunities in the areas where we operate. By hiring local talents in Yemen, we are proud to serve the community and contribute to their social lives. We have also invested a significant amount of resources to train the Yemeni workforce to ensure that our operation is still on its optimum level. In the end, we have passed on our technical know-how to the local workforce while maintaining our operational standards and processes. We will surely replicate the same process of hiring local people in other countries that we are planning to pursue in the future.”


“Because of the successful collaboration between the Altaaqa Global workforce and the local Yemeni team, the power plant installation was completed as per schedule.” According to Peter den Boogert, GM of Business Development of Altaaqa Global, “Even during summer when it can reach up to 38 degrees Celsius, and during Ramadan when we can only work for a short period of time, we were able to complete the power project on schedule due to our strong operational and streamlined business processes.”


On top of the swift installation and commissioning, Billy Wharton, Director of Operations of Altaaqa Global, mentioned, “Our project in Aden is the most advanced in the power industry. We are the only company in the Middle East who utilized an integrated control protection system that can switch from grid to island to grid in just minutes. This is also the most advanced Caterpillar electric power protection system in the world. Our control system provided the most flexible power solution to support base load, intermediate, peaking or standby power generation. Whether it’s an island mode/stand alone or grid, or a combination of all operational modes, we can exactly meet the mode requirements at a push of a button.”


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About Altaaqa Global

Altaaqa Global, a subsidiary of Zahid Group, has been selected by Caterpillar Inc. to deliver multi-megawatt turnkey temporary power solutions worldwide. The company owns, mobilizes, installs, and operates efficient temporary independent power plants (IPP’s) at customer sites, focusing on the emerging markets of Sub-Sahara Africa, Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Offering power rental equipment that will operate with different types of fuel such as diesel, natural gas, or dual-fuel, Altaaqa Global is positioned to rapidly deploy and provide temporary power plant solutions, delivering electricity whenever and wherever it may be needed.


About Zahid Group

Zahid Group represents a diverse range of companies, offering comprehensive, customer-centric solutions in a number of thriving industries. Some of those include construction; mining; oil & gas; agriculture; power, electricity & water generation; material handling; building materials; transportation & logistics; real estate development; travel & tourism; waste management & recycling; and hospitality.



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