New York

Contigency Planning

Contingency planning during times of emergency

Altaaqa Global can deploy dependable power rental equipment and skilled teams to provide assistance to your organization when unexpected power emergencies arise. We guarantee continuous power with our state-of-the-art power generators and contingency solutions to reduce overall risk to your business anytime, anywhere, any emergency, at a moments notice.

Altaaqa Global’s rental power contingency planning solutions can help decrease risks when there is an emergency. Electricity problems can also be swiftly resolved effectively as they happen. We have the necessary expertise to respond and meet head-on any kind of catastrophe with strategic plans and proper implementation. Customized plans to prevent extended power outages when disasters and emergencies strike are vital. Post-disaster efforts are also included for a total contingency package to help rehabilitate the affected area.

Altaaqa Global can rapidly deploy temporary power plants as needed or in anticipation of emergencies, to be on standby mode just in case. The latter is a prudent alternative to businesses or industries that rely on power to function properly. Temporary power plants are designed to supply power manually or automatically once utility power breaks down. This ensures that industries such as mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and vital government and public emergency organizations are supplied with the necessary power required for uninterrupted operations.