New York

Fuel Management

Providing the best gas and diesel-powered solutions worldwide

Altaaqa Global’s state-of-the-art fuel treatment plant prevents diesel engines and generators from breakdowns by removing fuel-related situations through a comprehensive system of preventive measures. This cost-efficient method maximizes the potential of existing power plants and reliably manages power generator-related issues.

Altaaqa Global affirms its leadership in diesel generators with very capable fuel management services. The latest in fuel treatment technology is utilized to make sure that operations are simplified and is environmentally friendly. The same technology prevents sub-standard fuel from affecting the system thereby maximizing fuel-efficiency and minimizes shutdowns that affect productivity. Quality is assured without sacrificing quantity while fuel supply is guaranteed round-the-clock regardless of situations, whether man-made or by natural disasters such as the massive power outage experienced during hurricanes. Our local diesel engine specialists are on call 24/7 to respond to any and all requests or emergencies to guarantee that your investment is protected and is at its peak operating efficiency.

Altaaqa Global delivers all that and more. You get our unwavering commitment and technical expertise to make sure that all will be running well.