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Power Engineering Services

Solving the most complex electrical power engineering problems

Altaaqa Global’s ability to pinpoint, create a plan and work out large-scale electrical problems is a testament to our capacity in providing effective power engineering solutions. Our temporary power solutions utilize superior and efficient methods to fix or improve power plant requirements in utilities, mining and other industries to maximize power distribution or production.

Altaaqa Global’s industry-leading capability to focus on power engineering services in response to temporary power requirements guarantees safe, reliable, and continuous power. Our specialists are fully capable of giving assessments, analysis, and customized solutions designs to various clients. Making sure that facilities perform to their maximum by managing energy demand and supply and minimize the effects of emergencies caused by load shedding or power outages.

Along with Caterpillar dealers worldwide, we have over 1,500 strategically-located engineers who are capable of solving complex power supply problems all over the world. Altaaqa Global’s power engineering solutions, along with support from Caterpillar, set a new standard for providing an all-around package that clients can depend on for their requirements. No matter the number of locations you have, the standard we put in place is an assurance that all facilities receive the same procedure.

The best and highly-reliable power engineering solutions are in your hands. Call Altaaqa Global and let’s see what we can do for you.