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Risk Management

Effective risk management for all kinds of power supply challenges

Risk management is a vital part of Altaaqa Global’s services in providing all-around solutions to high-risk situations. We assess and manage power projects to minimize problems on site, making sure that everything goes well as planned. Our objective is to calculate risk scenarios and update procedures thereby reducing unnecessary obstructions to projects.

Increasing worldwide demand for energy along with other factors has brought up issues that constantly challenge the power and utility providers to keep up and provide power risk management solutions.

At Altaaqa Global, power experts specialize in providing risk management solutions for our clients in any industry they are currently in. They have extensive knowhow in all aspects of the power generating field and can give the best recommendation for all temporary power solutions to lessen risks during emergencies, power outages and other unexpected situations that affect the continuous supply of electricity.

Building from the ground up, Altaaqa Global has the experience and capability to oversee each and every step, from planning to running the temporary power plants. Our guarantee to provide:

  • A reserve power plant to be used in case of a power outage (back-up power).
  • Installing a temporary power plant where it is needed in case of danger due to natural causes (emergency power).