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Introducing breakthrough temporary power solutions

By providing temporary power solutions, we help countries achieve their dreams of a better economy. With the strength of Caterpillar and the global Cat dealer network of more than 1,600 dealer locations, we are in a position to provide solutions when you require temporary power.

Want Fuel Flexibility? We have Gas, Diesel, Dual Fuel

Fuel Flexibility

Want to avoid Peak Lopping? Here’s our best solutions

Peak Lopping

No power for Remote Construction Sites? There are solutions for that

Remote Sites

You need Supplemental Power while waiting for the permanent power plant? Here’s the cost-effective solutions

Supplemental Power

You have a Facility Shutdown? We have the perfect solutions

Facility Shutdown

Emergency Power? This is our rapid solution

Emergency Power

Paying a hefty price on peak production hours? Well a Peak Shaving is your solution

Peak Shaving

Want power solutions for your Renewables?


Want to end Load Shedding? We have the right solutions

Load Shedding

Need a Backup or Standby power? Here are your solutions

Backup or Standby

You have an unpredictable grid supply? Grid Optimization is your best solution

Grid Optimization

Operational mode that conforms to your power demand

TaqaFlex™ Operational Mode