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We Call It Fuelexible™ Solutions

We provide the most flexible fuel solution to support your power generation requirements. Helping you to lower your fuel consumption by offering the most fuel efficient CAT generators in various fuel options – Gas, Diesel or Dual Fuel.

Our flexible fuel solutions (Fuelexible™ solutions) allows you to choose the most cost-effective and operational efficient fuel for your operations. You can choose from gas, diesel or our Taqafficient™ dual fuel rental generators.


Our temporary gas power plants are purposely built for large industrial and utility applications, producing optimum efficiency in performance. Every temporary gas power plants can be used in several dynamic operation modes, making it the most flexible temporary power solution for grid, island or standalone and standby load generation.

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Our CAT rental diesel generators is the most robust, reliable and energy efficient generator on the market.

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Taqafficient™ power generator is the most advance bi-fuel technology specifically developed to reduce fuel costs of our customers, combining 70% gas and 30% diesel.

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