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Fuelexible - Dual Fuel

Tomorrow’s rental generator technology today

Our Taqafficient™ power generator is the most advanced bi-fuel technology specifically developed to reduce fuel costs of our customers. It uses a combination of 70% gas and 30% diesel to run the generators, which can significantly reduce costs and decrease emissions. Completely reliable and durable for maximum usage, our Taqafficient™ power generators is in the frontline of earth-friendly equipment that no industry can do without.

Taqafficient™ generator from Altaaqa Global is a dynamic gas blending technology that optimizes power output while being eco-friendly. It automatically adjusts to changes in fuel quality and pressure to allow engines to run on a wide variety of fuels, from associated gas to vaporized LNG with no loss of performance integrity. The fuel saved with this technology depends on the application, the quality of the gas, the pressure and available volume. No customer input or gas analysis is required during operation, and no recalibration is needed when the equipment is moved or the gas supply changes. Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year is achievable with this technology.

Taqafficient™ power generators can:

  • Lower fuel costs with up to 70% replacement of diesel with gas.
  • Maintain existing service intervals and component life.
  • Improve display performance and troubleshooting capability with ADEM™ A4 and EMCP 4.4 controls.
  • Capability to reduce gas flaring by consuming dry field gas for less environmental impact.
  • Maintain original engine emissions certifications with retrofit kit.