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Grid Optimization

Supporting the grid to curtail power cuts, outages and failures

Altaaqa Global’s array of solutions for grid optimization is specifically created to help clients function optimally and allow for a dependable and safe energy supply. Optimizing grids allow for the easing of loads on current equipment and assist in supplying energy more efficiently. Altaaqa Global has tailored combinations of kWs/kVA/kVAR available to requirements set by clients. These solutions can also serve to supply backup power if a grid fails.

All over the world, emergency standby generators are widely used in hospitals, plants and other places that require them to support regional grids at times for various reasons. In the UK, some 0.5 GWe are regularly used to support the National Grid, whose peak load is about 60 GW. This usually happens if there is a sudden loss of power or an unexpected increase in power demand during peak hours. Grid paralleling is a good way of maximizing the support generators. This is usually through a third party who oversees the process and interacts with the system operator.

While diesel is more expensive than other fuels, it take a shorter time to power up compared to a base load power station which can take 12 hours starting from cold and gas turbines, requiring several minutes. In France, they use a similar system called EJP where they can activate 5 GW of diesel generating sets to feed power into the grid.

In normal operations, power plants are run with a five percent droop speed control. This is needed for the stable function of the power plants. Generally the speed changes are minor. Adjustments are made by slowly increasing the droop curve by boosting the spring pressure on a centrifugal regulator. This is a basic system necessity for all power plants because the old and new plants have to be able to respond to the immediate changes in frequency by being independent from outside communication.