New York

Remote Sites

Giving power to mining, oil & gas exploration and other industrial remote sites

Independently operating industrial companies and mining facilities usually need dedicated sources of electricity. Erratic supply from power suppliers in the area may severely affect the ability to sustain operation and production. The highest operational capacity required by industrial and mining customers dependent on stable power should be attained so that costly outages are avoided. Altaaqa Global can supply your project with a secure source of electricity to support operational activities and minimize outages. This is our commitment to focus on safety, quality of service, efficiency, and reliability.

Altaaqa Global Cat® Rental Power has state-of-the-art Caterpillar power generators available for rent. They come in a variety of sizes that suit specific needs for temporary requirements. Easily transportable and equipped with features that provide the best power yields, plus ease of operation. We realize that in power outages or lack of supply situations, it is vital to deliver solutions as soon as possible. We are capable of rapid deployment anytime and anywhere your facility is, regardless of size and severity of emergency. And we also make sure that once our job is over, de-installation is done quickly and cleanly without affecting the site.

Altaaqa Global has the ability to guarantee power anytime with the ever-reliable Caterpillar generators. Fuel efficiency and advancements in generator technology assures you of quality service along with a wide range of products to suit your needs. We are also able to monitor and communicate remotely with the apparatus installed 24/7 for absolute convenience. Our generators are flexible and can adapt to your requirements either on standby mode or operating for 24 hours straight. They are also made with the option to reduce fuel emissions or consume fuel optimally. The choice is yours.

What is machinery if there is no one to operate it? Our rental power specialists are on-call to provide technical and management solutions to make sure all performs well. This is the commitment that Altaaqa Global offers to ensure that anywhere you are, we supply the power solutions your facility needs.