New York


Clear solutions for a cleaner world

Altaaqa Global supports the renewable and clean energy industries by providing interim alternative energy solutions. We are able to supply the latest and highly efficient generators using gas or Taqaffecient Dual Fuel technology. It’s our commitment to help the world be a better and cleaner place for all.

Altaaqa Global has extensive knowhow in dealing with countries which rely on renewable energy and experience temporary power shortages due to seasonal and weather changes. The technology and solutions we offer are fully renewable friendly, guaranteeing the best and cleanest energy achievable:

  • Cost-efficient that adapts to usage
  • Fuel-efficient even during on/off processes
  • Quick starting which means it is able to supply power at the shortest time possible. Fast-start - a whole city's worth of power on-line in 30 seconds. Perfect as a support against varying and erratic supply
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Advanced design that decreases supply loss by knowing exactly where to put the power
  • Total adaptability and portability

Altaaqa Global’s commitment to provide the best renewable solutions is part of a much larger vision of a better world. A world where the best technology supports renewables to supply clean energy as well being environmentally friendly.