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Supplemental Power

Supplemental power solutions to prevent power shortage

Maintenance, emergencies or peak hours are causes of insufficient power, affecting production for industries while creating a burden to normal consumers. We at Altaaqa Global are aware of this and can provide supplemental power with the latest and highly reliable generators available. We are able to provide upgrades/expansions of current utilities, minimize the effects of emergency breakdowns and supplement power grids due to peak demand.

Altaaqa Global is aware that demand for power is growing along with economies. For countries that are experiencing an industrial boom, there are times when supplied power is not enough. This is detrimental to continuous growth and should be solved as soon as possible. Supplemental power is the answer for that need. Temporary power plants are perfect to assist existing power infrastructure and supply much needed electricity to make sure that production never stops.

Altaaqa Global’s supplemental power solutions are flexible enough to support renewables such as hydro power, wind energy and solar energy plants. These renewables, though dependent on season, weather and sunlight respectively, are supported by temporary power generators to ensure continuous supply of much needed energy. Industries benefit significantly from supplemental power. Mining, oil and gas or other heavy industry facilities are assured of power to maintain operations.