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TaqaFlex™ Operational Mode

Flexible operational mode that conforms to your power demand

We provide the most flexible power solutions to support baseload, intermediate, peaking or standby power generation. Whether it’s an island mode/stand alone or grid, or a combination of all operational modes, our TaqaFlex™ Mode is flexible to meet your exact requirement in just a push of a button.

Altaaqa Global can change the operational mode from island mode - to grid mode - to standby power mode – in just a push of a button. We provide precise electrical power at the exact time you need it, whatever mode you require. TaqaFlex™ Mode solution gives you the right temporary power solutions, protecting your facilities and equipment, and avoiding electricity interruption.

Modes of Operation

1. TaqaFlex™ technology - multi-mode operation provides for single unit stand-alone operation, island mode paralleling and load sharing with other power modules, and single unit – to – grid or utility mode paralleling for base load control (only within seconds of time transition between paralleling modes in just a push of a button).

2. Island mode paralleling features:
  • AGC-4 control allows single unit to connect to a dead bus
  • Auto synchronization (voltage & phase matching)
  • Load sharing (kW) analog signal (like units & legacy compatible)
  • Load sharing (kVAR) analog signal (like units only)

3. Utility mode paralleling features:
  • Auto synchronization (voltage & phase matching)
  • Base-load control (selectable: programmable set-point or potentiometer adjust)
  • Soft load/unload (programmable, shared set-point)
  • Power Factor control (programmable set-point)