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While it is not yet known, it can be implied that Joy Boy's story is indeed connected to the One Piece in some form. NOW WE FINALLY KNOW FOR SURE! Posted by 3 years ago. 6. Theory [Manga Spoilers] nsfw. 10 Best Reddit Marketplace Images Reddit Gifts Adult Footed. Unknown. Mobin Tahmasebi Mobinhapali1383 On Pinterest. At some level, he got here across a right island, which could later become being named Laugh Tale by actually Gol D. Roger, plus similarly to left behind a prize. Don't get me wrong I am not talking about Joy Boy and the Ancient Weapon who exist during the Void Century I am talking about the new Joy Boy and the new Ancient Weapons who are part of the current era of the OPverse. Therefore, Joy Boy had a lifespan that passed 100. ITS TIME _____... 123. While this is true, I gravitate more towards Joy Boy just being an alias for Luffy’s crew. Others, however, think the treasure has less to do with the One Piece. The Whitebeard War arc shook up the status quo of the series in a massive way. What if he was saying he wished he was born in Joy Boy’s era, due to Poseidon being alive in that specific time? We know very little about Wano expect it is a country Oda has based off Japan. RELATED: 10 One Piece Fan Theories We Hope Are True. 328 Best Laughter The Panacea Images In 2020 Laugh Laughter. ONE PIECE THEORY ABOUT JOY-BOY. 127 … ONE PIECE THEORY ABOUT JOY-BOY . While there, Roger finds a story by a mysterious entity in the One Piece lore named "Joy Boy." One of Joy Boy’s greatest failure is to raise Noah with the residents of Fishman island and unite them with the surface world. 641 Best One Piece Images In 2020 One Piece One Piece Manga Anime. The story that "Joy Boy" left behind on Laugh Tale was so humorous that it made Roger laugh, and inspired him to dub the final island "Laugh Tale." Follow. Joy Boy is probably the most impactful character in One Piece lore and is said to have lived sometime during the Void century. 3. There are specific people who can communicate and command the sea kings and … I have a few clues to why he might be one. One Piece Joy Boy Theories Reddit. My own headcanon is that Joy Boy was somewhat of the “Roger” of the void century. Nobody except maybe a few selected characters, knows anything about this because the world government keeps this a secret and has even banned the study … But from the material we can infer s few things. - One Piece Chapter 899 FIRST REACTION Maybe he was a sentient machine and only one piece of him remains? January 1, 2020. One Piece Luffy Cake Cake Grooms … Joy Boy was a male through in the surface world that performed an essential part in the good Fish-Man Island. 4. “D” Family were controlling devils and as a result, devils are afraid of all D family including Luffy, so as the king of devils left his successor Imu Sama, Joy boy also left his successor which is Luffy. The women don’t dress scandalous and the men are powerful samurai warriors. #one piece #joy boy #theory #drug #fanart #illustration. Posts (24) Wall (73) JoyBoyTheories . Me and my friend are big fans of one piece and we used to share our theories with each other. Joy Boy made a promise to Fish-Man Island to use Poseidon's powers to raise the ship to the surface, but after breaking the terms of agreement he was forced to leave Noah for another person to raise. To be more precise, Joy Boy was first mentioned in One Piece Chapter 628. Archived. From the Ohara thing, Joy Boy could also be Nico Robin for all we know. Given that the series has been running for over two decades, it's inevitable that some of those theories will turn out to be right. There practically little evidence for this so don’t be too harsh. Although Joy Boy existed about 800-900 years before the current storyline of One Piece, the recent events of the story lead the fans to believe that he’s bound to return, eventually. Joy Boy Or Luffy . The people of Fish-Man Island promised Joy Boy that they would keep Noah safe on the ocean floor, until a certain day arrives, and the people have been doing just that. 10 The Time Skip. JoyBoyTheories . In this theory I am going to talk about Joy Boy and the Ancient Weapons. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 2. 2355 Best Feminism Images Feminism Equality Intersectional. I bet when Strawhats and Co. found out more about Joy Boy, Nico Robin will be like “oooh yeah, I figured that out from Joy Boy’s apology on Fishman Island” She’s definitely going to do something like that because she never says anything . Joy Boy On One Piece Luffy One Piece Images One Piece Manga . 23 Best Ashima Poster Titles Images Poster Japanese Poster . The original owner of One Piece and a messiah-like figure who existed 800 years before the … When Roger found Joy Boy’s treasure, he and the crew reacted with hearty laughter. Joy_Boy Theories is an American YouTuber who makes reviews, analyses, and discussion videos on anime and manga, most typically chapter and episode reviews, and most commonly One Piece, although he's talked about other shonen manga as well, such as My Hero Academia. Theory about One Piece Chapter 960 When Roger found Joy Boy’s treasure, he and the crew reacted with hearty laughter I am a One Piece youtuber who does weekly reviews and almost daily One Piece Theories!! Kozuki Toki Joyboy And Zunisha One Piece Theory One Piece. 09/17/17 . First: he was likely alive during the void century. 2. Maybe Joy Boy tried doing everything mostly on his own, carrying the burden on his back. This was the mistake he made. These are Joy Boy Theories videos. Anime, Comics, Manga. Joy Boy, although a very important character, didn't make his introduction in the series until after the two-year time-skip, following the events of the Paramount War.. You might have seen the image above in the 5th point where we discussed the connection of one piece joy boy and the last island. In the manga series, One Piece refers to the treasure left by the Pirate King on the final island, named Raftel. I came up with the idea that Joy Boy was a giant. It’s a new year, and I think this would be a great time to start exploring more the One Piece world. 43 notes. Here are ten fan theories that turned out to be right on the money. One of the most enigmatic figures of the story is Joy Boy, the very guy without whom there would never have been One Piece. And from this era, the most popular candidates till now to be Joy Boy are Luffy and Momonosuke. Joy Boy couldn’t do everything on his own, as showcased in his failure in getting the fishmen onto Noah so they can live above the water. 28 Best Neat Stuff Found In The Reddit Market Place Images. Close. Short theory I have that ties in with the One Piece Project/All Blue Theory. rosebeg. Roger wished that he had lived in the same era as Joy Boy, saying that his story was a funny one. Joy Boy owns One Piece and is the creator of ancient weapons. Pin By Abdallah Ibrahim On One Piece In 2020 One Piece Chapter. All of this information points to one thing, that Joy Boy could very well be a person from this era and not from the void century. From the actual titular treasure One Piece to the possible main antagonist Imu Sama, the world of One Piece has a lot of unanswered questions and unsolved mysteries. Theory [Manga Spoilers] nsfw. In "One Piece" Chapter 972, Oden's letter to his wife Lady Toki foretells the arrival of the person who would be able to defeat Kaido. Messages 786 Reaction score 3,983 Points 3,750 Salty Doubloons 2,967 Apr 23, 2020 #1 Foreword: I do not make theories to be correct, but to fill in the blanks of an ongoing story for myself. So, maybe the One Piece is Joy Boy himself? He was first mentioned at Fishman Island, where Nico Robin found his message in the Sea Forest. Hide Full Bio Read More . Roogy. Joy was a pirate . Joy Boy is one of the D family because he can control devils and D if you didn’t know is the first letter in the word (Devil). One Piece Theorie Le Premier Roi Des Pirates Joy Boy En 2020. Wiki Entries (1) Database . But before going to the new era I have to talk about the void century giving a brief summary … In particular, I would like to dive into the unresolved mysteries in One Piece. Joy Boy Roshigoku979 On Pinterest. He's good YouTube friends with fellow anime YouTubers Tekking101 and RogersBase, and has done crossovers with them, too. During the void century, an entire kingdom called the Great Kingdom was eliminated by the World Government . Joy Boy’s Reincarnation Theory. One Piece The Life of Joy Boy. 4. One Piece theories and Discussions brought to you by Joy Boy My Hero Academia content as well! 3 It's One Piece Of Power From The Ancient Kingdom, In The Shape Of A Straw Hat Crown. Oda’s message has always been that the people you surround yourself with is just as important as the type of person you are. Luffy vs Katakuri The Next Step to becoming King One Piece One Piece chapter 878 is out!!! This will be a series of articles and the first I want to talk about Joy Boy. Even in the manga his identity is a mystery. One Piece Mysteries: Joy Boy Lambert Nathaniel. One Piece Joy Boy Ancient Kingdom and the World Government 9 Joyboy and Roger’s Failure (Theory) When Roger and his crew found Joy Boy’s treasure, he and the crew reacted with hearty laughter. Thread starter Roogy; Start date Apr 23, 2020 ••• More options Who Replied? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. One thing I found interesting is that the World Government stays away from them out of fear. It’s either Joy Boy’s family created the Noah or some other related clan who are good in shipbuilding. 1. One Piece, probably one of the most exciting and chilling animes of all time, which is famous for its thrilling adventures and hardships faced by pirates.The conception of One Piece revolves around the three key points: The Void Century, Joyboy, and the Ancient Kingdom. Luffy vs Katakuri || The Next Trial to become King || One Piece .

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