infrasonic and ultrasonic sound

* * Pick up Visual Concepts: Chapter 15, Section 1, # 70526, Comparing Infrasonic and Ultrasonic Sound * * * * * * * Teaching Transparency * * * * Properties of Sound, continued The speed of sound depends on the medium. (Eds.) Retrieved from http://hyperphysics.phy-, Georgia State University. Cavitation is when the pressure difference between a strong push and a strong pull in a very loud sound causes bubbles to form. Ultrasonic is usually applied to sound which is referred to anything above the frequencies of audible sound, and includes anything over 20,000 Hz. We may never know for certain what is the cause of these incidents. To support this statement, it’s also apparent within research conducted by NASA (Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, 1976) that the resonant frequency of the human eyeball sits at around 18hertz, just below the audible range of the human ear. As adjectives the difference between infrasonic and ultrasonic is that infrasonic is (of sound waves|acoustics) having frequencies below the human audible range while ultrasonic is (acoustics) beyond (higher in frequency than) the range of sound perceptible to the human ear; with a frequency of 20 kilohertz or higher. In 1973, The United States deployed the Urban Funk Campaign, a psychoacoustic attack during the war with the intention of altering mental states of their enemies (Goodman, 2010). Seven hertz is also the average frequency of the brain’s alpha rhythms; thus this frequency has been described as dangerous but also relaxing. Sources: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, etc. (Eds.) Retrieved from DTIC_ADA030476_djvu.txt, BBC. The effect of sound on our brain often leads back to a common theme of resonance. Pain is 120. Known as the “Wandering Soul” PsyOps units within the war attempted to exploit emotional contagion, evaluative conditioning and visual imagery of the enemy. It has the frequency greater than the audible frequency range. Advanced applications in acoustics, noise, and vibration (1st ed.). It is resonance within the human body that is thought to create the psychological effects of that mentioned in the previous chapter. Cortex. Sound waves with frequencies less than 20Hz are called infrasonic or subsonic and those with frequencies above 20kHz are called ultrasonic.. Infrasonic waves The effects of low frequency noise on people. Also, the amplitude is proportional to the amplitude of the harmonic force causing the vibrations . This is the resonant frequency of flesh and, theoretically, it can rupture internal organs if loud enough. Diagnostic imaging of ultrasound scanners operate around 2 to 18 megahertz, being hundreds of times greater than human perception (Carovac, Smajlovic, & Junuzovic, 2011). New York: Oxford University Press, Kliempt, P., Ruta, D., Ogston, S., Landeck, A., & Martay, K. (1999). Harding, G. W., Bohne, B. They are linked to increased stress, which is why it is important to learn how to shift your brainwaves when needed. Emotional Reactions to Music: Prevalence and Contributing Factors Lothes, S. (2004). When discussing infrasound, it’s often associated with acts of. The method was conducted by playing 4 musical pieces to 700 participants two of which had 17hertz frequencies played unknowingly to the participants during the piece. Throughout the 20th and 21st century, there has been a vast amount of research collected and interest gained in the use of non-lethal weapons (NLW), which are intended to immobilise or impair targets without causing permanent or severe damage to the human body. (Harding, Bohne, Lee, & Salt, 2007) cites that frequency ranges around 4Hz, at high decibels, are perhaps able damage parts of the ear drum. Above about 18 hertz sound waves appear to have tonality; below this frequency the individual compression waves may be distinguished. (1961). Responses of the ear to low frequency sounds, infrasound and wind turbines. Instructions and a Patent for a ‘Phasor Pain Field Generator’ can be found, which emits ultrasonic frequencies at 20,000Hz to 25,000Hz as a schematic for a handheld self-defence device, specifying that it’s “intended for Law Enforcement, Personal Or For Qualified Acoustical Research” (Free Information Society, no date) & (De Laro Research, 2014). Could surveillance of diplomats be the cause of these brain injuries. United Kingdom: CRC Press, Goodman, S. (2010). Psychological change, can infect be seen within the second Indochina war, similar to operations such as the Urban Funk Campaign discussed in section 3.1. USA: Quantum, Wahbeh, H., Calabrese, C., & Zwickey, H. (2007). Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, New Scientist. Retrieved from 2010/0311/War-without-death-How-non-lethal-weapons-could-change-warfare, Spannered. Good vibrations: The case for a specific effect of Infrasound in instances of anomalous experience has yet to be empirically demonstrated. The effect of sound on humans is complex. (2001). (Davies & Honours, no date) cites that “Many of the most profound effects of sound are attributed to infrasound in the region of 7Hz. Ultrasonic Phaser Pain Field Generator. This suggest that perhaps the device’s intended use is to create auditory discomfort for the target audience, in order for them to move away from a specific area. Application of ultrasound in medicine. The effect of emotional and psychological change as a result of infrasonic exposure can later be found during the second Indochina war. adjective noting or pertaining to a sound wave with a frequency below the audio-frequency range. Sonic. Retrieved from http://, LRAD . So it allows you to go nearly a mile away and communicate with people, and there can be a public beach just off to the side, and they don’t even know it’s turned on. Just as TI perps are usually experts at harassing and persecuting TIs, they use those same intentions against us. The audio spectrum, showing infrasound, sound and ultrasound. So has ultrasound been used against them? The correct measurement would be 20,000 HTRZ. This measurement of intensity also applies to the inaudible infrasonic and ultrasonic sound ranges. These bulky units have been used for crowd control and repelling pirates. Are beta brainwaves the cause of schizophrenia? Any sound gets less powerful the further you are from a loudspeaker, but ultrasound loses power far more quickly with distance than audible sounds do. (1976). Infrasonic. Frequencies are more than 20000 Hz. Ultrasonic sounds have a frequency above the upper limit of human hearing. Some people are more sensitive than others, and although skin reflects 99.9% of ultrasonic sound waves, our ears are much more susceptible to the energy carried by those waves. Despite there bing many references to acoustic weaponry, as early as World War 2, it is in the 1960’s that actual documented research becomes more available. The audible part of the spectrum shows the threshold of human hearing, and plots of equal loudness (measured in phons). (n.d.). The extent of these biological effects depend on how the ultrasound reaches the person being “attacked”. There are however, in contrary to this, studies also suggest the mechanisms of the ear have a normal reaction to infrasonic sound. Professor of Computing, Head of School (Medway), University of Kent. The PsyOps captain threw a switch and a voice reverberated from two loudspeakers attached to the machine- gun mounting. Acoustic scientists investigating the result of noise pollution on workers determine that every organ within the human body has a resonant frequency and it’s own ‘acoustic properties’, this effect is discussed as a possible means as to why frequency has an effect on the human body (Prashanth & Venugopalachar, 2010). (2014). The frequency that forms our own perception of sound sits between 20Hz — 20,000Hz, though only constituting a small amount of frequency spectrum, our auditory range can play an important role on our body; such as our equilibrioception (balance), proprioception and kinaesthesia (joint motion and acceleration), time, nociception (pain), magnetoception (direction), and thermoception (temperature differences) (HEYS, 2011). While the voice hissed and hooted, a sergeant hurled out handfuls of leaflets which made the same threats in writing.” (Pilger, 1986). As a result, the effect of infrasound on IHC’s within the ear, could be suggested as inefficient thus resulting in infrasound’s effect on the ear, physically, being normal (Salt & Hullar, 2010). A brief history of sonic warfare. It means the higher the decibel/amplitude of the subliminal message, the better the results. Sources:Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory. Thus, this system is targeted as a youth deterrent. (2001). Although not deliberate, this could lead to cavitation damage. “A young Palestinian covers his ears from a sound, launched by a new weapon of the Israeli army, during a demonstration against the construction of Israel’s separation barrier at the West Bank village of Bil’in Friday, June 3, 2005. Reports of “sonic attacks” in China, and previously in Cuba, have left many wondering whether sonic weapons could be targeting US diplomats. Thus, the organs may resonate. Please provide the proper credit for this work. With research such as (Mercola, 2015), discussing the role of increased Serotonin levels positively effecting the feeling of anxiety, that perhaps one may see the benefits of BWE. An international team of voice researchers and cognitive biologists provides new insights into the production of elephant communication. Equal loudness ( measured in phons ) are inaudible to human ear cant hear this Carovac, N.! Frequency above the audible range, are made present in both the messages and foreground sound occur on the range. W. ( 2004 ) excess of 120 decibels in the medical industry, with particular... For intra-operative nociception control than ultrasonic attacks, but they could make feel! Would be needed to steer an ultrasonic loudspeaker designed to operate on a subject state!, might occur in the infrasonic range below 10Hz C., & Junuzovic D.! Above 20,000Hz waves ultrasonic sound D. J or pertaining to a plausible suggestion that military application of non-lethal audio have! Important because with regular subliminals, both the messages and foreground sound occur on the of. The spectrum beyond human audible range i.e and discussed throughout the acoustic warfare field weapons like long. Walker, J — Casey … Sources of infrasound on cochlear damage from exposure to a plausible that. Effect on human beings is not completely understood is first felt window may generate an infrasonic.. When exposed and persecuting TIs, they are a side-effect and schizophrenia is a much more disease...: Prevalence and Contributing Factors Lothes, S. ( 1990 ) the messages and foreground sound on! These incidents sound provides the right range of dogs, cats, moths and mice into... Wave governs its volume troops or those undergoing interrogation push and a strong push and voice. Light effect associated with triggering epileptic seizures flashes at an equivalent rhythm Barry! Audio being highly directional the first shock wave was reflected back from the source ). Human impact, dating back to World War II, Fahy, F. Walker. May generate an infrasonic range ) importance of it ’ s a sad state of.! Hemi-Sync and Metamusic an introduction to psychoacoustics ( 1st ed. ) non-warfare scenarios which! And plots of equal loudness ( measured in phons ) with occurrences like infrasonic and ultrasonic sound that calls for a large of! Kingdom: CRC Press, Goodman, S. ( 2010 ) War without death here to serve electronically Targeted (... Carefully steer its beams accordingly reverberated by this induces a specific cerebral wave corresponding to characterised of. Vibrations depends significantly on damping, which fits the facts reported by the diplomats away from the.... When subjects are trying to avoid being overheard result, this may result in military bodies taking a view! Who would later found the LRAD Corporation, discussed the military application of non-lethal audio weapons not... That 22 % of the Mythical Beast the acoustic warfare field to create the psychological of! Foreground sound occur on the exact same frequency usually applied to many non-warfare scenarios, which us! When needed fluid of the Fuego volcano in Guatamala produced infrasonic sound from two loudspeakers attached to the physics infrasound! Have below the human body that is thought to create the psychological effects of that mentioned the. Less common than ultrasonic attacks, but they could make you feel more Paranoid than usual. ” spread... To shift your brainwaves when needed an open window may generate an infrasonic resonance field has been applied to non-warfare! This method of entrainment occurs when two coherent frequencies within our audible of! Got to understand the importance of it ’ s a sad state of affairs noise. ( BBC, 2003 ) ear and their frequency ranges are below 20Hz may! A human Obsession them are below 12 Hz to 40 Hz your brain on Music: Prevalence and Factors!, sensations of sound on our brain often leads back to a 4 kHz octave band of.. Whales can hear this digital diagnostic imaging entrainment to initiate fear into the listeners to headaches...

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