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He is quiet and more serious than Lacus. With Yu making la-la noises and covering his ears, Mika requests for him to come on and please listen. His sharp increase in speed noted, Mika's thoughts are of Yu as he advances. [7], The young appearance of Mika is used by Asuramaru to haunt Yu when he sleeps. Near the door to where the murders of his family took place he silently faces the exit to the world beyond. Aber die meisten nennen ihn nur Yuu (mit japanischen Suffixen dahinter, wie z.B. Shinoa squad around him are challenged to deter their inclination to stab into them. We Are Caught - Mikaela Hyakuya x Reader (AU) Summary: You and Mika are at your, Mika’s and Yuichiro’s apartment playing video games in Mika’s room, it’s one of your lazy days you guys agree on. Race As a twelve-year-old human living as livestock, Mika wears the standard livestock uniform that consists of the capri shorts, hooded shirt, and collar and shoes[4]. Shigure works with Guren and Norito Goshi to fight Mika in Shinjuku. After Mika hits Yoichi away in anger, he insists Yu is his family, not Yoichi’s. Making no effort to defend himself, Mika is stabbed through the chest by Yu’s cursed gear sword. Mika expresses shock at Ferid lifting the child up by the neck before a vampiric induced thirst causes him to focus on the blood drawn on the child’s neck. Controlled by a blood seeking impulse, Mika moves to bite Yu's neck before being stopped by his hand. His view was that outsmarting the vampires was the only way to go and he already has an escape plan already. Owari no Seraph Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He is content to have Ferid's assistance in such cases but Mika does cut off Ferid's arm on the battlefield when he touches Yu. Descending down in response to Ferid’s ill-natured smile, Mika is not upset, at least not at Ferid but rather himself for not having the power to protect his family. MOVE!” - Taking Yu to safety, aware of what the demon Abaddon’s presence amongst them means. Dropping his sword, Mika at last has Yu then tells him he is here. With the child running from behind the pillar inside the building, Mika stumbles through the door and seizes him by the neck. Sorry, no can do. By Brianna Albert Jun 10, 2020. It dawns on Mika that he may have been manipulated by this seemingly kind person. When Yu is hearing from Guren how he should forget about his previous friends and loved ones with the Moon Demon Company being his family, Mika specifically is visualized when Yu is told the past means nothing. The reason all the adults died years ago. Tasked with going undercover from both vampires and humans. “Think about this! There is blood dripping as Mika walks slowly with Yu on his back. He addresses her as queen Krul as they consider what is before her. Ordering Ferid to shut up, Mika rejects Ferid’s offer of help to fight together. She attacks Mika after he jumps out of Goshi's illusion, though his sword is enough to cause hers to break. After getting him to safety Mika's idea was to tell Yu what he knew of their background but would not drink blood and become what he knew Yu hated the most. Currently the leader of the Moon Demon Company in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Mika is not as wary of him as other humans yet would still regard him as a puppet of the first progenitor when his presence became known. “No Yu, we didn’t do any of this. Once Mika is a vampire he spends four years living with the individual who betrayed his trust and murdered those who he held dear. Although sometimes Mika finds it hard to emphasize the dangers that he sees Yu as being oblivious to Mika is patient in explaining them but will also take action if it takes too long. Don't you get it? Where stronger vampire swords tend to have spikes that stab through the palm, Mika's weapon has thorny red vines that emerge from the lower two holes in the golden colored pommel to wrap around his hand. As Lacus and Rene move to leave for city hall to learn what happened from lord Crowley, Mika stands unconcerned as Aihara holds a knife to his neck. Facing around, Mika observes a white shining orb with outer colors of purple and gold. Instructed by René to bring Aihara since she may have more information, Mika responds he thinks she has told them everything she knows. He would then defend Yu from Guren and help in the brief fight against him. Over the black shirt, he wears the white military jacket with black trim and decorated buttons. Shinoa is the only human besides from Yu to have earned his trust so far. The announcement continues that those aged thirteen or younger are not affected by the virus, and the children are currently being collected by the direct unit of the third progenitor, . The illusion was used to try and instil guilt into Yu as the fake Mika questioned why Yu had not avenged them. Male Telling Aihara to play dead, he will let her go if she answers his questions. Mika is kicked into Yu nearby. He was also with the other orphans when they were saying how they were one big happy family. A large number of humans are running towards him. Speaking to Yu as he is unconscious, Mika says that he heard her and for them to move. He speaks that she had the rest of her men commit suicide but here she is acting like a desperate fool trying to save her own life. With Yu overjoyed, Mika is hugged tightly by him. After she defends Mika and allows him to escape with Yuichiro, Shinya orders the army not to kill her. At last persuaded Mika would drink his first human's blood, that of Yu's which made him a complete vampire with red eyes. What Mika told Yu before is interrupted with blood spilling from his mouth. Seeing Ferid wave to him, Mika walks the other way and thinks of the human extermination that Krul is planning and the seraph of the end mentioned. In 2012, Krul intentionally disobeyed orders to kill the Hyakuya orphans and rescued Mika's family by raising them as livestock in Sanguinem instead. part was directed at a Four Horseman of John in Mika's way but he does not give it a chance to move before destroying it completely.24, “No, that won’t help me, there’s something about this demon that affects my healing.” - Feeling that Abaddon is the cause of his suppressed healing so drinking Yu’s blood will not help.24, “You can save yourself. Mika along with the team now including Narumi are to receive help from Shinya. Finding Shinoa in front, Mika asks why did she stop him. Mika sees the landscape has been returned to what it was after Yu destroys Abaddon with with the power of the second trumpet. Mika was not concerned with lethal spell tag attacks on himself, neither many armed soldiers. With that the thorned vines from his sword take hold of his wrist and his silver sword turns blood red. When the escape from the city was revealed as a trap Mika was calm as he reminded Yu to not forget they were family. Commanding Yoichi to get his hands off of him, Mika keeps a hold of Yu as he tries to shake Yoichi off, he knows they are manipulating Yu. Angered Mika runs towards them and grabs Ferid’s arm before stating it is against the rules to drink directly from a human. With that, footsteps can be heard coming up the stairs. Informing Guren this is the end, Mika addresses him as "human". A squad leader in Nagoya, after she orders her team to commit suicide, Mika sticks his fingers in her mouth and removes the pill she was going to ingest. Look at that thing, there is no way they can take it down. Occupation Told he is getting good at the silent treatment, the issue of what Yu was has been raised in the progenitor council. Mika listens as he hears how a tremendous power and over-confidence, essentially arrogance will get the rug pulled out from under him if he is not careful. “Yu. Reminded that he wanted to talk, Mika explains the humans have ulterior motives. Afterward, she insists that he kill her because suicide would look too suspicious, but he tells her to do it herself. With Krul wanting to keep the information to herself Mika shouts for her not to mess with him. Mika headbutts and throws him out of the way. Ironically, he sustains severe injuries but survives while his parents shortly die in a major car accident immediately after. Mika along with other children are transported. Hearing that this is check-mate, Mika turns startled at the Lieutenant Colonel. After the sword is swung in his direction, Mika braces himself for the wave sent off from the weapon. Mika does not comment on Ferid asking how he feels about the city with it being a while since he was last here, neither when it is mentioned he may have bad memories of this place. Where would you want to go?” - And hearing from Yu if they headed outside the virus would kill them Mika added: “use your imagination. Mika has survived and grown as a vampire over the four years, Mika has survived in person after Yu escaped four years ago. Regarding Shinoa and Yu’s comrades, Mika thinks they are staying behind to fight. With Yu feeling this is a case of killing “that big monster” to make everything right, Mika replies that he always had the worst ideas, that thing is huge and no one can kill it. Male They’re animals driven by greed, only concerned with making themselves stronger. Furthermore, that if one has to use their head if they want to survive in this place, which is answered by him being hit by Yu. Discover (and save!) He checks Yu who has been stabbed by Guren after he tried to appeal to him using words. After the helicopters depart, Mika is on-board the aircraft and sits silently. Mika questioned whether she was listening to him, that he will not ever become one of her. Listen. “I think I’ve met the people you are talking about.” - Initially against the very idea, Mika resolves to help and refers to Shinoa squad. In Nagoya, she punches Mika and knocks him out of the air after he dodges Sayuri's attack and gets hit by Shigure's kunai. Awakening in a curse detoxification chamber, the injury to his chest has ben healed. Laughing that he is the one crying right now. A member of Makoto Narumi Squad. Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen (Manga), Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen, Seraph of the End: The Story of Vampire Michaela, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen, https://owarinoseraph.fandom.com/wiki/Mikaela_Hyakuya_(Anime)?oldid=110422, "I don't think it's all that bad to be honest. Vital statistics Possessing a map with exits from the city. After Shinoa and her squad protect the vampire from the Moon Demon Company and let him escape with Yuichiro, Makoto follows Shinya's orders to not kill Shinoa and protects her from another soldier. Four years later he lives for news of Yu and finding him again. Mikaela Hyakuya experienced abuse and neglect from his parents before being placed in the Hyakuya Orphanage with other children. A member of the Guren Ichinose Squad. During the fight they kept close together and Mika took a hold of Yu and used his own body to defend him from Guren's sword. Told holding back on the battlefield sounds like the strategy of a child, Mika responds that Guren should no taunt someone stronger than him. Told to stop, he hears Yu say they are his family just like he is. Everything, drinking your family’s blood just to stay alive. Four years later, Mika would owe his existence to her a second time although now reluctantly and he was transformed into a vampire against his will by Krul. After Mrs. Shindo begins to lose her sanity, he begins drinking alcohol and becomes an alcoholic. Yuichiro & Mikaela Hyakuya. Mika crosses his arms as a guard when Yu steps close, then looks down when Yu asks for him to not leave. Albeit unbeknownst to him, Mika moved to evade a harmless illusion then lands in the street below. "Yeah, yeah, you keep fooling yourself. Mika was present when Yu was introduced by the director of the Hyakuya Orphanage as their newest family. After contemplating a teddy bear, A demon uses an illusion of Mika to attempt to break Yu, This visualisation of Mika smirks before falling to the ground. If she is going to end up hurting Yu then he shall put a stop to it right now. Ignoring the temptation by telling Krul to shut up, Mika would rather die as a human than live as a vampire. Mika was happy and felt he could leave this world in peace knowing that Yu escaped. He was unresponsive as the ruler of Sanguinem, Krul Tepes arrived to the scene though his eyes reacted slightly as he saw that Ferid was still alive after the gunshot wound to his head. Both when he was a human child and then a vampire later, Mika uses the term of leaving “this world” behind. He would never manipulate him the way that they are, though he did just drink Yu’s blood. Invited to the next progenitor council meeting, Mika questions what do they want. At some point he had brought the ingredients for curry to Akane. She first met Mika when they were eight years old while she was delivering messages from her sister, Mahiru Hiragi, to Guren. Mika mentions how she was supposed to kill Yu and him, so what is she playing at by letting them live. Mikaela Hyakuya (百夜 ミカエラ, Hyakuya Mikaera?) Not commenting on Yu stating that he is human and if possible would like to change Mika back as well, he voices that if the wrong people have Yu under control they could use him to end this world in a heartbeat. Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen (Manga), Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen, Seraph of the End: The Story of Vampire Michaela, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen, https://owarinoseraph.fandom.com/wiki/Mikaela_Hyakuya/Relationships?oldid=110645. Disregarding Mitsuba Sangū's order to back away, Mika's sword connects with her war axe before he slams her aside with his fist. They didn’t stop you from drinking my blood. Mika told Yu they could run away from the vampires together and that he could leave everything up to him. Nearing the end of the combined forces, Mika fends off the remaining soldiers that are before Shinoa squad at the back. Mika understands and says he will save Yu from the vampires and from the humans as well. He beats Mika every chance he gets, and Mika constantly tells him he loves him to try and make the beating stop. Hearing someone shout, Mika regards it as another reckless human and comments what annoying pests. She defends herself from Mika when he tries to reach Yu, after he had just fought his way through an entire regiment, but Mika knocks her aside. Hearing a sound from a building nearby, Mika watches for what made it. Whilst Yu was set on rescuing his squad Mika attempted to get Yu to listen to him. Agreeing with Yu that it is not like they ever cared, Mika still thinks it is strange. After Mika escapes, she is killed by a vampire. Mika observes along with Lacus and René with Ferid in command. Taking Yu with him, he comments this is the end of it all, there is no future for any of them now. After Guren kills his own comrades as well as vampires the rods absorb their blood into the container they are coming out of. I actually have an escape plan already. With a severe thirst for blood apparently quenched, Mika seems to realize what he is doing so throws Krul aside then says sorry. An announcement communicates that Krul Tepes, the third progenitor, requests his presence and he is to proceed to the royal audience chamber at once, which Mika does. You don’t want the other vampires to find out you’re alive. So I’ve swallowed down my thirst, it wasn’t easy, and now…” - Further hesitations, and resisting drinking human blood for some time. He escapes just before the vampire back-up has arrived where multiple helicopters drop a huge number of vampire troops. Telling the others that the human told them everything she knows. After it became clear that the scenario was not going to happen, Mika reminded Yu they were family and ran towards Ferid with the gun to give Yu a chance to escape. Mika says Yu might think he is stronger due to Guren’s training but he is just using him. 6, Visualised when Yu has joined the Moon Demon Company and is told to forget his previous family. is the deuteragonist of Seraph of the End. He along with Krul and Ashera were unsure what were they trying to do with it. With the weapons all raised and directed towards him, Mika leaps away to avoid the volleys that are targeted to stab into the ground where he is located. Able to pull it out, Mika blocks Guren’s sword then jumps into the air to separate himself from that threat and remove the sword that was through him. To keep both himself and Yu safe, demonic powers are unfurled to establish fiery barriers between them and the still hostile soldiers. Mika appears unharmed however the blast breaks apart the structures around him. Mika approached Yu to welcome him to orphanage and reacted to Yu's anger with empathy. Handing him the bowl, Mika says Yu should make sure he actually eats this time. The plan for Ferid to deal with the humans so he can rescue Yu. He does not comment on Guren's question on whether he likes the taste of human blood, and as the demon blade Mahiru-no-Yo is activated he hears the intent for the humans to kill every one of the vampires. They are close enough that in a state of blood lust Mika can hoist Krul off her throne, drink directly from her neck then toss her aside once he realises what he done. He does not react well when Yoichi says as Yu’s family they need to protect him even though it was well-meaning. Defended by Ferid against a check-mate move. Mika begins to narrate how he swallowed down his thirst, it was not easy, yet he is cut off by Yu who threatens to start crying. Seeing him again caused Mika to shed tears for the first time since becoming a partial vampire. It is recollected how Mika told Yu to run after the members of his orphanage family had been murdered and he lay dying. Trying to sweep Yu’s hand away, Mika tells him to stay back, he does not want to hurt Yu. But then, it was because of this foolish hope that everything fell apart." Yet when accused of being greedy by René Simm and wanting the credit for slaying the horseman, Mika speaks to say they can have the body if they want, credit means nothing to him as he walks away. Mika would show concern for Yu when he came into conflict with vampires and make an excuse for him so he did not have to go to Ferid's mansion. Zoning out somewhat, Mika's heart pounds and he can only focus on her neck. He did not know he could still cry. With every muscle he has in pain, he was questioned why he fought. While battling Yu with nightmares, Asuramaru often takes the form of Mika when he was twelve years old. He watches frozen, fixating solely on the blood being drank. Seraph Of The End: 11 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mikaela Hyakuya. Lucal Wesker is also thought to have been killed. Checking the map it looks like they are almost there and Mika looks to Yu for them to go. Arriving upstairs Mika checks the director on the floor with Akane Hyakuya not thinking she is not breathing. Neither does Mika respond to Lacus’s enquiries on his background with third progenitor Krul Tepes. After Aihara gives the order, Mika sees the effects of code 284. His eyes contract at this news, yet Mika hears if he and his ‘friends’ go there, everyone will be killed. Nearby during conflict between Ferid and Krul, With the meeting over Mika does not react at all to Krul slicing the ground in front of him due to her anger towards Ferid, neither when Ferid places him arm around him. “Humans are such ugly creatures. His hand is gripped by Krul and he tells her to stop it, he cannot do this anymore. Asking why Krul would put herself at risk to save them, it just does not any sense to him and Mika wants to know what Krul is planning on doing with Yu and himself. It gives all of us hope." Asked what Yu can do to help, Mika answers he can save himself. Mika survived by being turned into a vampire by Krul Tepes against his will. FRANCAIS J'ai commencé à travailler sur Jin'Chiro et bon pour le moment il n'y avait que cette scène qui avait réussi ... [OnS] Jin'Chiro vs Yukihiro It almost made humans extinct.” - And he possesses knowledge of that world ruining calamity.22. is the deuteragonist of Seraph of the End. The child there is afraid of him. The soldier’s intend to kill him whilst he is down but Mika pays them no mind. As the last surviving member of his chosen family Mika is extremely protective over Yu, and saving him is Mika's sole reason for living. In response, Mika states it is fine and draws his sword. Damning it, he checks his pouch of blood vials to find they have been smashed. A measurable defence from humans and vampires. Walking some distance, Mika makes his way to Krul’s room where she is getting some blood ready. Reflecting how Yu is too nice, and prone to being taken advantage of. Yu’s black gold seraph eyes have become demon red and he has fainted after two demon horns come from his head. Mika is able to knock Guren over where he is disarmed of his weapon as he falls to the ground. GureYuu is only temporary When their kingdom becomes trapped in perpetual winter, fearless Prince Yuuichirou joins forces with mountaineer Mitsuba to find Yuu's childhood friend, Snow King Mikaela, and break his icy spell. Appearing by himself, it is Mika’s voice who asks whether Yu will ever tell him why they abandoned him. He appears greatly agitated at this and remains fixed in his position. Kenshō Ono (Japanese)Haruka Chisuga (Japanese, 8 years old)Justin Briner (English) She then attacks Mika, and with either a quick death or torture by other vampires as her fate Mika provides the former without ever learning her name. Mika looks up and now has vampire like fangs. They will make a new home, somewhere secluded, far away from this war. The scenario ended with either vampire torture or a quick death. He regards her as she offers her blood freely and told to drink until he is satisfied. Mika sets about drawing his sword and affirms to himself that they are going to give him back his family, no matter what. This explodes and Mika is back to back with Yu. Gender Unveiling his plan to escape the city that night. Your family is in danger. It will be his undoing. In Nagoya, she manages to work with her squad to fight Mika and throws three kunai into Mika's thigh. With Ferid blocking the sword meant for him, and after Guren has been beaten away Mika hears from Ferid that he should remember it is always a mistake to underestimate the livestock. ~~Site dedicated to Yuu and Mika ;)~~ You can find AMV's, cosplays, arts with them and a lot more ^^

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