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The Public Access to Court Electronic Records system (PACER) provides case information over the Internet. (LKO) (ENTERED: 09/25/2018), U.S. District Courts | Nebraska District | Tax | 8:18-CV-00453 | 09/26/2018, (#10) MEMORANDUM AND ORDER - THIS MATTER IS BEFORE THE COURT ON RECEIPT OF AN "ANSWER AND COUNTERCLAIM THAT THE US DEMOCRAT PARTY IS UNLAWFUL AND DISSOLVED AND IS THE SOURCE OF WRONGFUL KELLY-SHOEMAKER COMPLAINT" WITH ATTACHED "NOTICE OF APPEAL AND APPEAL FEE OF $505" WHICH IS A DUPLICATE OF FILING NO. ORDERED BY DEPUTY CLERK. Public Works Constructors, LLC et al v. Otter Creek Mechanical, Inc. South Sioux City, Nebraska v. Big Ox Energy-Siouxland, LLC et al. THE PARTIES SHALL USE THE FORM CORPORATE DISCLOSURE STATEMENT, AVAILABLE ON THE WEB SITE OF THE COURT AT HTTP://WWW.NED.USCOURTS.GOV/FORMS/. (LRH) (ENTERED: 10/26/2018), U.S. District Courts | Nebraska District | Contract | 8:18-CV-00435 | 09/14/2018, (#20) AMENDED COMPLAINT WITH WITH JURY DEMAND AGAINST DEFENDANT CLEARY BUILDING CORP., BY ATTORNEY JORDAN W. ADAM ON BEHALF OF ANDERSEN STORAGE LLC, JOSHUA J. ANDERSEN(ADAM, JORDAN) (ENTERED: 11/05/2018), (#19) TEXT ORDER GRANTING #17 UNOPPOSED MOTION FOR LEAVE TO FILE AMENDED COMPLAINT. (COPY MAILED TO PRO SE PARTY) (KLF) (ENTERED: 09/10/2018), U.S. District Courts | Nebraska District | Civil Right | 8:18-CV-00426 | 09/10/2018, (#4) SUMMONS ISSUED AS TO DEFENDANTS JASON BLACKERBY, JAMES MATTIS, JOHN MCMILLEN, DONALD SHANNON, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, UNITED STATES AIR FORCE AND HEATHER WILSON. ORDERED BY MAGISTRATE JUDGE SUSAN M. BAZIS. THE CLERK OF THE COURT IS DIRECTED TO SET A PRO SE CASE MANAGEMENT DEADLINE IN THIS CASE USING THE FOLLOWING TEXT: DECEMBER 27, 2018: CHECK FOR RESPONDENT'S ANSWER AND SEPARATE BRIEF. (COPY MAILED TO PRO SE PARTY) (LKO) (ENTERED: 10/25/2018), U.S. District Courts | Nebraska District | Government Benefit | 4:18-CV-03131 | 09/19/2018, (#10) SUMMONS RETURNED EXECUTED UPON JEFF SESSIONS - ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES FOR DEFENDANT NANCY BERRYHILL ON 10/1/2018. (ATTACHMENTS: #1 AFFIDAVIT)(JANIS, RYAN) (ENTERED: 10/23/2018), (#6) SUMMONS ISSUED AS TO DEFENDANTS JAMIE L. POGGE AND THE BURLINGTON LEAGUE, LLC. UniCourt also allows you to lookup court cases and find latest docket information for all courthouses in U.S. District Courts. ACCESS TO THE PDF DOCUMENT IS RESTRICTED TO CASE PARTICIPANTS AND THE COURT PURSUANT TO THE E-GOVERNMENT ACT AND FEDERAL RULE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE 5.2(A). Endorse papers filed with him or her. The federal district courts are the trial courts in the federal court system. (ATTACHMENTS: #1 SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT)(KELLY, LAURIE) (ENTERED: 10/10/2018), U.S. District Courts | Nebraska District | Other | 8:18-CV-00431 | 09/13/2018, (#9) TEXT ORDER: ON THE COURT'S OWN MOTION, THE PLANNING CONFERENCE PRESENTLY SET FOR 1/28/19 IS RESET TO 1/31/2019 AT 02:30 PM BY TELEPHONE BEFORE MAGISTRATE JUDGE SUSAN M. BAZIS. Starting June 8, 2020, the Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office will be open for public access. R. CIV. Chapman v. U.S. Department of Defense et al, United States of America v. $42,533.00 in United States Currency, United States of America v. Twin Creek Apartments, LLC, Herz v. Life Insurance Company of North America, Meineke Franchisor SPV, LLC v. CALM 3322, Inc. et al. All state courts operate under the administrative direction of the Supreme Court. RESPONDENT'S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT OR STATE COURT RECORDS SHALL BE FILED ON OR BEFORE DECEMBER 5, 2018. Renumbered and codified as §§ 6-1522 - 6-1532, effective July 18, 2008; amended and incorporated into § 6-1523 December 23, 2008. Prepare and file the annual inventory statement of all county personal property in his or her custody or possession. Founded in 1875, the Nebraska Supreme Court is the state's court of last resort and has seven judgeships. Receiving E-Mail Notice in Cases of Interest; Help. Court: Eighth Circuit › Nebraska › US District Court for the District of Nebraska Type: Social Security › Social Security: DIWC/DIWW Disclaimer: Justia Dockets & Filings provides public litigation records from the federal appellate and district courts. (LKO) (ENTERED: 11/13/2018), (#11) DEFENDANTS ANSWER TO COMPLAINT BY LAURA A. JACKSON, JACKSON BOYZ LLC, DANIEL A. JACKSON, II (HITZ, RICHARD) (ENTERED: 11/09/2018), U.S. District Courts | Nebraska District | Intellectual Property | 8:18-CV-00446 | 09/25/2018, (#7) SUMMONS RETURNED EXECUTED UPON DEFENDANT JAMIE L. POGGE ON 10/22/2018; THE BURLINGTON LEAGUE, LLC ON 10/22/2018. IF YOU HAVE NOT FILED YOUR STATEMENT, YOU MUST DO SO WITHIN 15 DAYS OF THE DATE OF THIS NOTICE. (COPY MAILED TO PRO SE PARTY) (KLF) (ENTERED: 09/10/2018), (#4) GENERAL ORDER NO. ORDERED BY SENIOR JUDGE RICHARD G. KOPF. Clerk of the District Court. Each county in the State of Nebraska has a clerk of the district court performing the administrative duties associated with the court. District Courts in the Following Counties are Not Included at This Time: Adams, Arthur, Blaine, Buffalo, Douglas, Grant, Hall, Keya Paha, Lancaster, Logan, McPherson, Phelps, and Webster Juvenile Case Calendars are available for the county courts and the Sarpy, Lancaster and Douglas Separate Juvenile Courts. ORDERED BY CHIEF JUDGE LAURIE SMITH CAMP. CASE CONFERENCE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOUND AT FILING NO. Nebraska has one county court and one district court in each county. (ADB) MODIFIED ON 10/29/2018 TO STRIKE PER ORDER 17 (ADB). For assistance, e-mail the court or contact the court's Help Desk, available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time: Omaha toll free 1-866-220-4381, option 0 Lincoln toll free 1-866-220-4379, option 0. By continuing to use this website, you agree that you have read and are bound by our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and that you have been notified that we use cookies to give you the best online experience. The federal bankruptcy court in Nebraska is: The United States bankruptcy court, District of Nebraska; State supreme court See also Nebraska Supreme Court. Filter cases further by date of filing, case type, party type, party representation, and more. Criminal cases heard by District Courts include felonies and lesser-included offenses.

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