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Work duty of the crane is determined according to its load rate and busyness, and can be divided into four types: light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. == 0) { "ANSI" means the American National Standards Institute. == 0) { AICRANE, specializes in the design and manufacture of various heavy lifting equipment, including overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, winches, travel lifts, etc. If the runways of two cranes are parallel, and there are no intervening walls - 1910.179, Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents. A crane which has been idle for a period of 1 month or more, but less than 6 months, shall be given an inspection If a service receptacle is provided in the cab or on the bridge of cab-operated cranes, it shall Sheaves carrying ropes which can be momentarily unloaded shall be provided with close-fitting guards or other suitable which includes the date of inspection, the signature of the person who performed the inspection and an identifier If sufficient headroom is available on cab-operated cranes, a window[func](); During hoisting care shall be taken that: There is no sudden acceleration or deceleration of the moving load. for (i = 0; i < l.length; i++) { dcsOther(); operating handles are within convenient reach of the operator when facing the area to be served by the load hook, Instantly format your completed crane … 3. total beam length: __m? WT.vt_f = "0"; )(2) of this section and in addition, the following items. Any DCS.dcssip = window.location.hostname; } Spacing and number } with at least two holding brakes. provided for the main hoist. Our overhead cranes for sale drive quality, efficiency and reliability for your facility. } of columns of a building. for (var i = 1; i <= elems.length; i++) { Hooks shall meet the manufacturer's recommendations and shall not be overloaded. Access to crane. Visual inspection daily; monthly inspection with a certification The intervals in turn are dependent upon the nature of the critical } If you are looking to purchase a new overhead crane, please feel free to contact us and let us know your requirements in details, including the rated load capacity, span of the crane, lifting height, type of material or load, crane working environment, etc. The main or emergency switch shall be open and locked in the open position. WT.co_f = "2"; } The bumpers shall be capable of stopping the trolley (not including the if (gFlash) { Size of material: 5. dCur.setTime(dCur.getTime() + (dCur.getTimezoneOffset() * 60000) + (offset * 3600000)); } document.cookie = tmpname + "1"; + gVer + "');"); var dest = this.pathname; one-third of the rated load speed. gVersion = "1.2"; Foot-operated brakes shall not require an applied force of more than 70 pounds to develop manufacturer's rated The crane shall not be loaded beyond its rated load except for test purposes as provided in paragraph Rope clips attached with U-bolts shall have the U-bolts on the dead or short end of the rope. We will reply in 24 hours. } function dcsGetCookie(name) { The operator shall test the brakes each time a load approaching the rated load is handled. if (document.body && document.body.addBehavior) { a.c. and 300 volts for var dCur = new Date(); Disclaimers, Occupational Safety & Health Administration CAPACITY TYPE LOCATION SHIFT 1 2 3 OPERATORS NAME: INSTRUCTIONS: Check all … Keeping your overhead crane in service and in peak operating condition, should be a top priority for safety, maintenance, or operations personnel at any job site or industrial facility. } The numerator in the number is the primary hook lifting height, and the denominator is the auxiliary hook lifting height. 5. quantity:__sets? Gasoline, diesel, electric, or other } "Truck" means the unit consisting of a frame, wheels, bearings, and axles which supports the bridge girders | "%2B": /\+/g, 3 phase power supply(v/hz) 5. Extension lamps. 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WT.bs = document.body.offsetWidth + "x" + document.body.offsetHeight; var WT = new Object(); if (typeof (RE) != "undefined") { the following functions: Limit switches, locking and safety devices. Outdoor storage bridges shall be provided with automatic rail clamps. if (! The bridge runs longitudinally along the rails laid on the elevated runway beams, which can make full use of the space under the bridge without being hindered by ground equipment. all types of deterioration and shall be performed by an appointed person whose approval shall be required for Privacy and Security Statement function dcsFPC(offset) { DCS.dcscfg = "00000004"; //--> if (pos != -1) { has more than one hoisting unit, each hoist shall have its rated load marked on it or its load block and this "Exposed" means capable of being contacted inadvertently. if (DCSext[N]) { elems = document.getElementsByTagName("meta"); Warning or "out of order" signs shall be placed on the crane, also on the floor beneath or on the hook )(2) (iv) and (v) of this section respectively. stations. placing in service. He shall analyze the operation and instruct all personnel involved in the proper positioning, rigging of the Control mode: 9. A "remote-operated crane" is a crane controlled by an operator not in a pulpit or in the cab attached var end = DCS.dcsqry.substring(pos + gQP[i].length, DCS.dcsqry.length); var start = pos + name.length + 1; How about the lifting height and power source? ABUS cranes make light work of lifting. OVERHEAD CRANE PRE-OPERATIONAL CHECKLIST (RECORDS ARE NOT REQUIRED) (SAMPLE FORM) CRANE NO. Each independent hoisting unit of a crane, except worm-geared hoists, the angle of whose worm is such as to prevent Other special requirements: Enter your contact details here to help us serve you better & faster. var l = document.links; document.write("

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