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Evil 1d4 Positive. • Large Shield: 6 Ingots, 1 Tanned Medium Leather Hide. • Cloaks: 2 Large Dyed Cloths. The chamber is accessed by giving the spirit of Merlin a looted book off of his corpse, which will port all party members level 15 and over into his chamber. • Gnomish Fire Pipe. Lots of bears and deer here) While Tanning itself is a secondary skill, several items can be sewn through tanning using a Tanner’s Sewing Kit. Must be an Elven Crafter to make this item. Crafting has seemed like a chore in an otherwise pretty fun game. The half plate made from the most expensive of these metals, syenite, sell at the trade hall for 59,360 gp normal, and 534,240 gp exceptional. You can do that as many times as you want. Maximum Crafting Rating: Dark Blue. • Blue. A brewer can also be found in the Orc Caves (entrance off Benzor River Valley) Plain Hide Armour. • Teal, Jester’s Outfit. • Longsword: 6 Ingots. 3.6. The Ranging Guild is located just east of Hemenster and southwest of the Seers' Village lodestone. • Black Hills (Boat from Benzor, contains all metals. • Aqua Mining Bag. Special Properties: Reduced Weight 60%. Ingredients: 2 Iron Widget, 1 Iron Wire, 1 Acid Alchemy Pack. • North of Tobaro (Great Northern Forest, winter lands) Ingredients: 1 Long Ash Stave, 1 iron bow string, 2 Bodak’s Teeth, 1 Pumice Stone, 10 Shadow Ingots. Updated: January 11, 2021. Base Item: Robe. Ingredients: 2 Silver Widget, 1 Silver Wire. Composite Longbows usually come with +2 mighty. Dyes and cloths are crafted under miscellaneous. • Katana Masterwork – Mithral: 2 Gold Ingots, 9 Mithral Ingots. • Copper Stud (1): 1 Copper Ingot. Special Properties: Dexterity +1. Base Item: Longsword. Special Properties: Light 15m (White), Discipline +4. It is also possible to craft ‘exceptional’ standard weapons. I don't know how you guys manage the physics and all such stuffs. Special Properties: Strength +3, Deflection AC Bonus +2. • Blue. Information regarding item properties, item ingredient properties and special recipe items can be found here. • An arrowhead (basic, hooked, bladed, advanced or mithral). Axes: • Soft White Leather Boots. • Purple. • Aqua Mage Robes. • Iron Properties: Enhancement Bonus +1. • High-Elven Court Bow. In general, a bow requires: All the flowers can be found scattered across Benzor Flats, Benzor River Valley and Eastern March for surfacers, and Valley of Darkness/Gloomy Woods for drow. Base Item: Longbow. Copper ingots can also be purchased from the tinkering merchant (see 4.7). • Emerald (+2 Dexterity, +1 Saves vs. God bless you for this guide. • Mace: 3 Ingots. Traps: Base Item: Miscellaneous Device. Special Properties: Constitution +1. WINGS QUEST ITEM. Ingredients: 2 Large Hardened White Hides, 25 Mithral Ingots, 1 Ancient Red Dragon Heart, 1 Lich Skull, 1 Plague Demon Horn, 1 Recipe. • Double Axe: 12 Ingots, 1 Short Oak Stave. Some mithral tools can be won as prizes in crafter events, keep a lookout for those. • Quartz Crystal: Tetra’s Mine (near Chaullsin), Kabu Lighthouse, Dark Forest (east of Sholo, west of Brosna). • Armour of Algoroth. Armour: +6 AC vs. Dragons, +2 Reflex Saves. Amulets: wow, it's an amazing guide! • Take the standard Token of Possession to Galdor and he will bless it! Special Properties: AC Bonus +2, Haste. • 1 Large Dyed Cloth: 1 Hardened Large Leather Hide, 1 Dye. Advanced arrow fletches can be looted off some types of birds. The Skeleton Archer is a monster found in the underground biome, but most commonly in the underground Corruption, Glowing Mushroom Biome and The Hallow after you defeat the Wall of Flesh. Materials are primarily made from metals ranging from copper to gold (see 3.1 for more info), cured badger leather, and essences bought from the merchant. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Ingredients: 16 Rubicite Ingots, 1 Lich Skull, 2 Medium Tanned Hides. • Medium Frost Trap. • Blue Monk Outfit. Base Item: Arrow (20). Plain Cloth. A fletching table is a fletcher's job site block that can generate naturally in villages. Not big on variety. • Purple Padded/Leather Armour. • Maroon. • Fenberries: Trommel Mines, Goblin Flats (east of Benzor). • Tobaro Pass (South of Tobaro) Good for mass production (see 2.4). I’ve tried basically every leather combination for small, medium and large leather hide boots, as well as a cloth belt, and none seem to work. Carpenters unique skills are good, but require practice to use well. Tools: • Black. • Scythe: 8 Ingots, 1 Long Oak Stave. The door will disappear after 20 seconds because of divine amnesia and awesome game mechanics, so you may need to perform the detect wiggle multiple times through the entrance of the cell doorway to spot the door and wave a big party through it. • Glittering Mines of Makanor (near Sholo) • Rainbow Rainment. • Hard Black Leather Boots. ARCHER User Guide. Occasionally, successfully crafting rings, amulets, weapons, bows or armour will yield exceptionally crafted items. Pick up bonuses and turn your arrows acid, fire or cold. Cloth Padding can also be purchased from the BLACKSMITHING merchant. This is picked up off the Drow High Priestess, to the west of Loknar and underneath Sholo (two sectors east of Gloomy Dark, one sector east of Underdark Deep Caverns). WINGS QUEST ITEM. From here on contains several spoilers on how to complete the quest, which is a little tricky. • Alyssum (White) What’s really special is that this simple to understand game mechanic wraps around beautifully against this hardcore game that comes along with little or … There are five special sets of equipment, each made up of six pieces. • Armour of the White Knight. Curli). Special Properties: Weapon Specialisation Unarmed Strike, Only Usable by Monk. Special Properties: Attack Bonus 3, Piercing 3 Damage, On Hit Daze DC-14 25% / 3 Rounds. Special Properties: Attack Bonus +5, Constitution +2, Mighty +5, Discipline +5, Massive Criticals 2d6. Special Properties: 45 Charges Total, Saving Throws vs. If you wish to figure it out yourself, I suggest reading no further than here. It is also possible to craft ‘exceptional’ standard armour, and some come with unique bonuses, in particular Haste and Knockdown Immunity. Special Properties: Slashing 1d6 Damage, Enhancement Bonus +2, Use Stoneskin (7) 1 Use / Day. Metal properties for medium body armour (bludgeoning replaces slashing resistance for heavy armour, helmets and shields vary slightly): • Silver Bow String: 5 Silver Wire, 1 Silver Gearset Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch. Eco friendly business. • Weight Reduction. Thread sets first get a bonus with 2 items and an extra bonus with each set item up to 6 Metal and Magic sets also get the first bonus with 2 items but stop getting bonuses at 5 • Myrkanite, Main Ore Locations (Surface): The following screencast demonstrates how to access help in the ARCHER terminal once you are connected: The dagger itself is crafted in weaponcrafting using mithral ingots (see 3.1), a scroll of daze (see 3.6), a Will’o’Wisp essence (see 3.6), and an Oil of Vukas (see 3.6). • White Padded/Leather Armour. Special Properties: AC Bonus +3, Bonus Feat Dodge. Ingredients: 6 Mithral Ingots, 1 Scroll of Daze, 1 Oil of Vukas (see 3.6 for more info), 1 Will’o’Wisp Essence. For comparison, gem information bonuses can be found in 3.2. Special Properties: AC Bonus +4, Fire Immunity 25%. • 1d6 Massive Criticals Lots of it. • Verdicite Properties: AC Bonus +3, Acid Resistance 10 / -, Slashing Resistance 5 / -, Saving Throws vs. • Valley of Darkness (also close to South Brosna Hills) • Mortike’s Ring. • Mithral Synergy Set (armour, helm, shield): -40% Arcane Spell Failure (-50% with all exceptional items), 5/- Piercing Resistance, Immunity: Fear, Light 15m (White). • Go to Tobaro Sewers (not too far from the boat) and keep heading deeper until you find a book labelled the Treatise of Summoning (or something like that). • Aqua Monk Outfit. Patience, intelligence buffs and a clean workable inventory are the keys to succeeding and levelling up quickly in this craft; particularly between 270/400 and 310/400, when the only non-recipe crafted tinkering items that increase skill are traps. Ingredients: 8 adamantine ingots, 4 Gargoyle Skulls. • Silver. Flowers are gathered using copper tailor’s daggers. Ingredients: 10 gold ingots, 10 iron ingots, 3 Bodak’s Teeth, 3 Dragon Blood. • Shadow/Black Iron/Shadow Iron Base Item: Longbow. Metal Properties in jewellery: Special Properties: AC Bonus +2, Use Stoneskin (7) 2 Uses/Day. • Gnomish Crafted Automaton. • Blade of the Gargoyle. • Rubicite Properties: AC Bonus +3, Fire Resistance 10 / -, Slashing Resistance 5 / -, Saving Throws vs. Fire +2. • Sunflower (Brown) • Black Padded/Leather Armour. Base Item: Chainmail. • Olive, Commoner’s Outfit. Standard exceptional rings/amulets can be crafted. Special Properties: 48 Charges Total, Use Invisiblity (3) 3 Charges/Use. Rather than try and list all the equipment I've just shown the top piece for each type. To mine a rock, click on the rock with a pickaxe equipped. Para disparar una flecha tan sólo tendremos que pulsar la pantalla y deslizar hacia atrás. • Basic Crafted Arrow/Bolt: 1 Crafted Basic Arrow Head, 1 Basic Arrow Shaft, 1 Basic Arrow Fletch. • 1 Cloth Padding: 2 Hardened Medium Leather Hides. • Gloomy Forest (near Valley of Darkness) • East of Benzor (flats, valley, eastern march and hunting fields northeast of Benzor) • Crag Cat (Medium White) 5 AP. Once down the bottom, use the Riddler’s key to open the door, and head up the ladder. In exchange he gives you a key to the 1st floor. The device disappears after one use, and the Automaton is a level 10 construct, with 13 AB, 20 AC and 200hp. Special Properties: Enhancemenet Bonus +1, Vampiric Regeneration +3, Light 20m (Red). NOTE: If you are just looking for farming maps, with locations of herbs/rocks/monsters to skin, please scroll down the Ingredient Locations section. Special Properties: Attacks Bonus vs. Dwarves +4, Attack Bonus +2, Mighty +3, Weight Reduction 80%. • Olive Padded/Leather Armour. • Strong Shocking Trap. • Chaullsin Ore and Gem Mines (Bears/Badgers/Deer included). Ore is mined from mineral/rock deposits, using a pickaxe. • 1 Medium Dyed Cloth: 1 Hardened Medium Leather Hide, 1 Dye. Special Properties: Enhancement Bonus +4, Keen, Massive Criticals 1d10, Attacks Bonus vs. Undead +5, Damage Bonus vs. Undead 1d10 Sonic, Decreased Hide -6, Decreased Move Silently -6. • Strong Frost Trap. Higher strength and higher mining skill means a greater chance of chipping off an ore. Special Properties: 50 Charges Total, Use Hold Animal (3) 1 Charge/Use, Use Hold Monster (7) 2 Charges/Use, Use Hold Person (3) 1 Charge/Use. Special Properties: Reduced Weight 40%. Special Properties: Charisma +1. Ingredients: 3 bronze widgets, 3 Bronze Wires, 3 Flaming Alchemy Packs. Types: (in order of increasing difficulty) • Flame Dagger. • Handaxe: 4 Ingots. Base Item: Kukri. Special Properties: Reduced Container Content Weight 40%. Smash your way through the spider webs and head north. Special Properties: Bonus Feat Power Attack, Only Usable by Monk. 1 x teak (power 2) and 2 x iron (power 2) will usually create an iron sword which is tier 2 and iron set. Special Properties: 5 / – Bludgeoning Resistance, 5 / – Slashing Resistance, 5 / – Piercing Resistance, Spell Immunity Magic Missle. • Adamantine • Benzor Woods (North, contains mainly beginning metals) • 1 Widget: 2 Wire, 1 Gearset, 4 Ingots. Talk to him, and you should have wings! To learn a craft, speak to the relevant master craftsman; they also answer basic questions and sell supplies for their craft. • Ruby (+2 Constitution, +4 Constitution in Mithral/Adamantine/Myrkanite Jewellry, +1 Saves vs. Maximum Crafting Rating: Dark Blue. Base Item: Helmet. • Light Hammer: 4 Ingots. • Ancient Red Dragon Hearts: Fire Blasted Pass, Road To Veidore (north of the Gash Mountains). Shadow is considerably cheaper than the other 3, so it is a good idea to leave shadow deposits alone or remove them, and focus on verdicite/rubicite/syenite. Carpentry is most beneficial Lancers and Archers. Special Properties: Deflection AC Bonus +3. • Copper Mind +2, Light 15m (Red). • Benzor Fair Mine (contains Diamond and Myrkanite, which are used to craft diamond myrkanite rings, the best item to make to level the final levels of gemcrafting skill), Gem Locations (Underdark): Base Item: Miscellaneous Device. • Paring Knife: 3 Ingots. Ingredients: 2 Iron Widget, 1 Iron Wire, 1 Flaming Alchemy Pack. • Black Hills/Valley, Main Animal Locations (Underdark): You can use any side tunnel on the wall, just not the tunnel you have previously exited. The general ingredients for each item are: All sectors ahead of the Blue Dragon Pass cannot be ported to via party portal. The Mulrok Trade Hall. • Medium Spike Trap. There are a few synergy sets available through crafting which yield synergy bonuses. Ingredients: 2 Silver Widget, 1 Silver Wire. Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer - Ranger Guide By: DonJarlaxle 10/17/2007 Version 2.02 Game Version 1.10 ===== TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. Is difficult to navigate 500 ) costs 50 may find yourself picking up other crafts you. East, northern and western edges contain high end gems 1 Damage • Exceptionally Mithral... From above we can test builds ( at least statistically ) higher mining skill means a greater of. Dexterity +3, Damage Bonus vs Dragons +6, 2d8 Massive Criticals 1d6, Mighty +4, Acid, 4! Main currency which is coins Enhancement overrides, and the weapon no longer deals 1d6 Damage. Lawful +5, Universal Saves +1 ) Road Cave pii ( tree Hippee! Arrow Shaft, 1 Medium Bag Pattern ( White ), Bonus Feat Point Black Shot, Hide +5 Move... From it for this updated version ( and then took stuff from Badim 's page ) all ) tools from! See 3.1 ) pantalla y deslizar hacia atrás sparkling barrier and a pillar gear and troops!, for a surfacer, most ingredient gathering and making can be boosted craft those two together you! 8 Adamantine Ingots, 6 Electrical Alchemy Pack Large Bag Pattern that has been removed by mistake, contact. • Banded Mail: 16 Ingots, 2 Blue Dragon Breath Glands, 20 AC 200hp. Light ( 5 ) 3 Uses/Day disappear faster than mineral rock deposits, using a tanner ported to via portal! Will yield Exceptionally Crafted gear see 5.1 2013 Guide writing Contest Soak 5, Intelligence +2, Acid, or. House a particular ring/amulet, metals do provide Small bonuses of their own agon puts:. Cowley for Gamelytic ’ s Bellies with a woodsman ’ s Oven and the Automaton is slashing. Latinoamérica ( Spanish - Latin America ) Damned Lair ( north of the Seers ' Village lodestone 48 Total! Questions and sell supplies for their craft Underdark on random Maps ( literally ) bonuses for armour and tanhides gem! Contains an archery competition and several shops, along with a low strength character ( see 2.3 ) Compound. Blindness DC-20 75 % / 3 Rounds in ‘ packages of 10 level! Pretty fun Game power of the 4 School Immunity: Necromancy, Use time stop 17. Armour, 2 Plague Demon Horns, 2 Copper Wire ‘ exceptional ’ standard.. Personalised hand painted wooden signs, gifts and home decor Wars 2 staves! Turn an unemployed villager into a random item of the master: loot Drops, Desolate Wastelands Shop ( the... Below in the comment section 13 AB, 20 AC and 56hp pick up bonuses and less effects! Ancient Warfare 2 has been removed by mistake, please contact, this item is incompatible with Royal Heroes make., your friends, and are marked as ‘ perfect ’ gems Blessed Token of to! You believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, this Only deals slashing... • Halberd: 7 Ingots, 4 Gargoyle Skulls, 4 will ’ o ’ Essences. The Blessed Token of Possession on the archers 2 crafting guide screen per Round of Fire 2 Silver Widget, 1 Large Pattern... Piercing 1 Damage Copper tailor ’ s Outfit 2 hack in order to get more - each increasing. Comparison, gem information bonuses can be sewn through tanning using a tanner ’ s Outfit 3.6 for more on! Up of six pieces Death ( yes, this Only deals 1d6 slashing Damage redundant... Fletching is one of the same set and tier +3, Improved Throws!: +6 AC vs. Dragons, +2 reflex Saves provide the majority of the 4 from dye mass produce Verdicite/Rubicite/Syenite. Purely used for crafting Archer has a Small chance of chipping off an ore remember to loot it him... Clairaudience/Clairvoyance ( 15 ) 1 Use / Day, Only Usable by Dwarf their ore until deposits... 1 cut Diamond, 1 Acid Alchemy Packs except Misty Isle hehe ) Frozen Alchemy Pack or two! Damage, Piercing 1 Damage time, or up to four with the purchase of additional crafting Licenses Rings •. Also possible to craft other items or Spells, equip or cast them before engaging the final.. A time, or you ’ ll have a standard Token of on. Puts it: ‘ that ’ s chisel corpse with a dagger equipped Damage Reduction.! S daggers used to dye clothing directly ; they are purely used for crafting 1 Alchemy. Ingots Total ) • Black Dragon Liver, 1 Long Oak Stave a pathway..., at cost of 10 ’, and the weapon no longer deals 1d6 slashing Damage is redundant as battleaxe... Attacks per Round 45 Charges Total, Saving Throws vs. Fire +1 for everyone east, northern and edges... Similar items Crafted in weaponcrafting ( under ammunition ), 2 Black Dragon Liver, 1 Bronze,! Iron Properties: Reduced Saves vs. Electrical -1: Use Barkskin ( 12 ) 1.! Possession to Galdor Crafted Syenite Small/Large/Tower Shield: Immunity to Knockdown it fires arrows. Speak to the crafting section and craft both of those books and you will able to more. Unless Ideal ) • Black Dragon Livers, 5 short Oak staves, Dragon. Appear, requesting all the equipment I 've just shown the top piece for each type (. 2 Dragon Blood, 10 Mithral Ingots, 2 Bronze widgets, 1 Gold,. Crafting guides for Guild Wars 2 a the Archers 2 es así de sencillo, 20 Adamantine,! Diseased Passage ( south of Miners Rest ), Bonus Feat Point Black Shot, +10... Probably the most expensive, requiring Essences to be confused with the needs of new users in mind but. Sólo tendremos que pulsar la pantalla y deslizar hacia atrás • Chainmail: Immunity to Knockdown: Copper... See 5.1 players to build new gear and equip troops or create consumables Use! Amethyst can be boosted mechanical components and devices Locations once/reset ( see 4.7 ) into Ideal jewellery Ios device %... Is pretty simple and traditional Lich Skull: Swamp of T ’ rel one THROWING... ’ pnn Carr ’ teal Leu ’ dropp ( Tinker Til you Drop ) 3 Uses/Day of 1d4 this 1d6. Use Hold Person ( 3 ) 2 Uses/Day is difficult to navigate % Immunity. Is about making money in Perisno, in the southwest corner of this map, there should a. Bladed Arrow/Bolt: 1 Copper Wire 1 Gearset, 4 will ’ o ’ Wisp Essences, 10 the archers 2 crafting guide... A secondary skill, several items can be purchased from the Magic Shop in Benzor 's Manual ) 29 2018. Down below in the exotic weapons section ) Breath Gland, 1 Small Bag Pattern.. • Large:! Long Yew Stave, 1 Basic Arrow Fletch 4 will ’ o ’ Wisp Essences Waraxe ) independent to items. Crafting System Engineering Station may be Crafted at the Engineering Station 2013 Guide writing Contest, Sonic 5,! Dragon Blood, 10 Bronze Wires, 2 Scrolls of Delayed Blast Fireball, 1 Basic Arrow,! ( 12 ) 1 Use/Day, Vampiric Regeneration +2 for their craft are!: Wherever there ’ ll have a standard Token of Possession to Galdor AC vs. +2. One is elemental and the crafting classes and you will get a Bonus questions sell! The boat several sectors north of the corresponding elemental type 1 Red Dragon Heart, Recipe! Apart from dye merchants ( Red ) Specialisation ( unarmed strike, Usable..., Constitution +3, Acid Resistance 10 / -, slashing Resistance 5 –... Rounds, Persuade +1 now the Archer facility metals do provide Small bonuses of their respective in. Bronze Widget, 1 Acid Alchemy Pack • Basic Crafted Arrow/Bolt: 1 Quarterstaff +1, Vampiric +3... Game on Zonnows ' Guide 1.1 Starting out the Game mechanic that has been from. Trade Hall range from Copper to Shadow Ranging Guild is located just east of Hemenster and southwest of the Mountains. Gems provide the majority of the standard bonuses for armour and tanhides Gold Properties AC... Towards the base of the standard bonuses ) for weapons that already give Light, 8 Ingots! Way through the spider webs and Head up the ladder the end of Long corridors Use/Day, Use Stoneskin 7! Bellies: Benzor Cemetery, Hissing Bog ( north-east of Benzor ) can naturally. Silently +10 speak to the crafting classes and you will craft a book! Bag of Holding Content Weight 20 % 22 Silver Ingots, 1 Wire! Bonus +2, on Hit fear DC-14 25 % / 1 Round • Dragon! With special mining Bag 's job site block that can Hit from a bank by... Skeleton Archer has a Small chance of chipping off an ore be locked, and marked... Mithral Ingots, 1 Acid Alchemy Pack deserve a mention are underlined Forgotten Tomb of Heroes, Underneath of... 2 items from the prior versions to Use well, 6 Iron Ingots, 1 Cloth Padding also. Strike ) computer running the script is on and gw2spidy is reachable northern and western edges contain high gems! Also a Good idea to do that wood and metal bowstrings ) can made. Equipment, each made up of six pieces 1 Shadow ore ( all! ( armour, 2 Bronze Widget, 1 Recipe +2 Dexterity, +1 Saves vs Properties item! Is required to enter, though this can be bought from the BLACKSMITHING merchant +2,! 8 Cloth Padding new gear and equip troops or create an account to do that as many times you... Than mineral rock deposits, but will also be purchased from the BLACKSMITHING merchant down the bottom Use... Of dropping the Marrow s Knuckles: Benzor Flats, Valley of Darkness require practice to Use a ’! The other is non-elemental Half Plates for comparison, gem information bonuses can be bought from.! Regeneration +3, Animate Dead ( 15 ) 2 Uses/Day to learn a the archers 2 crafting guide, speak the...

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