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The charges against the other men were all upheld. McKenna, who was originally from Belfast, met Goody four times in 1963. One of the robbers had spent months befriending railway staff and familiarising himself with the layout and operation of trains and carriages. He was traumatised by his track-side assault and subsequent rough treatment and never recovered from his ordeal. When mastermind Bruce Reynolds was arrested in 1968, he allegedly told arresting officer Tommy Butler that those sentences had had a detrimental effect. One of the carriages involved in the robbery is preserved at the Nene Valley Railway. From 1948 to 1950 he was called up for national service, and in 1955 he married Patricia (Pat) Osbourne, with whom he had three children. Jack Slipper of the Metropolitan Police was promoted to detective chief superintendent. White was a renowned locksmith/thief and had already been on the run for 10 years before the robbery. [48][49], Other arrests followed. He and his wife Barbara and their three children moved to Cornwall, where he worked as a street sweeper until the age of 70, known to the locals as Gentleman John or John the Gent. [98] His family are now trying to have his name cleared, as they believe, based on evidence not used in the original trial, that Boal was at best an accomplice after the fact with no knowledge of the robbery, and that it was likely that Cordrey told him nothing about the provenance of the cash. [71][page needed][non-primary source needed][unreliable source?] [citation needed] By October 1978, day-release ended and he had to report to a parole officer. [52][page needed], Detective Inspector Frank Williams was shocked when this occurred because, owing to Tommy Butler's refusal to share information, he had no knowledge of the fact that Daly's prints were only on the Monopoly set. The £47,245 recovered from a telephone box included 57 notes whose serial numbers had been recorded by the bank in Scotland. Justice Atkinson stated that he would not be surprised if Field were not only part of the conspiracy, but also one of the robbers. Strangely, however, he makes no further mention of him. Welch moved back in with his wife June and his son. [90] Unlike the other three members of the gang who got away, Peta Fordham does make mention of the replacement driver, but notes that he is said now to be dead, perhaps the robbers who provided material for the book did not want the police looking for him, as at the time of publishing (1965) Reynolds, White and Edwards were still on the run.[91]. Upon the release of the others in the mid-1970s, "Bill Jennings" got in touch with Buster Edwards and "Frank Monroe" got in touch with the South Coast Raiders. She confirmed that she took Roy James to Thame railway station so he could go to London and that she led a convoy of two vans back to her house, where the gang were joined by wives and girlfriends for a big party to celebrate the crime. Accepting that he could be arrested, his stated desire was to "walk into a Margate pub as an Englishman and buy a pint of bitter". Following the robbery, Pembroke left for America for a couple of years, knowing he was set up for life, and then returned to live quietly in Kent. The Great Train Robbery is a 1903 American silent short Western film made by Edwin S. Porter for the Edison Manufacturing Company.It follows a gang of outlaws who hold up and rob a steam locomotive at a station in the American West, flee across mountainous terrain, and are finally defeated by a posse of locals. Frank Dewhurst was in charge of the three other postal workers (Leslie Penn, Joseph Ware and John O'Connor) in the HVP carriage. Following the deaths of Goody on 29 January 2016,[65] and Tommy Wisbey on 30 December 2016, Bob Welch is the only remaining known member of the gang known still alive. He lived under the name Ronald Alloway, a name borrowed from a Fulham shopkeeper. He disappeared from the public eye. [10] It appeared, from interviews with the witnesses, that about 15 hooded men dressed in blue boiler suits had been involved, but little more could be gleaned. Until one Edward Pierce made off with a shipment of gold being sent to meet the British army's payroll in the Crimea, it was, quite simply, thought impossible to rob a moving train. Onderweg plunderen ze de postkamer. Wilson was arrested on 25 January 1968 by Tommy Butler. work with Jimmy White and met Buster Edwards at Charlie Richardson's club. [citation needed] He could not be charged because of lack of evidence; there were no fingerprints or identifiable marks anywhere. He died aged 79 from a heart attack, at home and in his sleep on 28 February 2015. [46][page needed] The process of talking to the informer was handled by Hatherill and Millen themselves, and they never divulged the identity of the informer to the detectives in their command. His friends from childhood were Jimmy Hussey, Tommy Wisbey, Bruce Reynolds and Gordon Goody. It seems that Field was ambushed upon his release from prison by a recently released convict, "Scotch Jack" Buggy, who presumably roughed up or even tortured Field with a view to extorting some of the loot from the robbery. They sent Detective Superintendent Gerald McArthur and Detective Sergeant John Pritchard to assist the Buckinghamshire Police. A train has been hijacked and robbed, 35 miles from its arrival in central London. [94] He later wrote two articles in the Sunday Telegraph, which published the first one on 6 March 1966. The plot saw two other prisoners interfere with the warders, and allow Biggs and friend Eric Flower to escape. This meant that there was no photo to show the lengths he had gone to in order to change his appearance. See the full list of The Train Robbers cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. It was several weeks after the accident that Field's true identity was discovered. [34][page needed]. In total, a sum of £100,900 was found. What happened next went down in history as The Great Train Robbery. The signal had been tampered with by the robbers: they had covered the green light and connected a battery to power the red light. [68] He is buried in Streatham cemetery.[68]. It had been bought two months earlier as their hideout. Ultimately though, it was decided that it would be better to use an experienced train driver to move the locomotive and the first two carriages from the signals to the bridge after uncoupling the carriages containing the rest of the sorters and the ordinary mail. Frank Williams (at the time a detective inspector) claimed that at least three men who were directly involved are still at liberty and enjoying their full share of the money stolen and the profits from the way they invested it, one of them being the man responsible for the attack on the train driver. He said that the money was returned by "one about whom extensive inquiries had been made and who in fact was interrogated at length. On 18 December 2013, the day Ronnie Biggs died, In 2019 in episode 6 of part 1 of the Spanish TV programme, On 10 September 2011 two 5-inch-gauge (127 mm) battery-powered scale models of class 40 locomotives on the half-mile-plus (800 m) circuit of The Strawberry Line Miniature Railway in the Avon Valley Country Park at, Additionally, the Luton Model Railway Club has created a, This page was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 20:43. It has been said that he bore a striking resemblance to John Thaw, who was the star of Inspector Morse, which, perhaps coincidentally, was a television series about a detective in the Thames Valley Police Force (the modern-day successor to Buckinghamshire Constabulary). [61][62] Arrested on landing, after detention and a short court hearing he was sent back to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence. Wilson's funeral on 10 May 1990 was attended by Bruce Reynolds, who reported seeing Edwards, Roy James (who got into a verbal argument with the press), Welch (hobbling on crutches) and White (who went unnoticed due to his ability to blend into the background). Danny Pembroke went initially to America and John Daly at the time was said to be living on unemployment benefits in the west of England. James went back to motor racing following his release on 15 August 1975. On 14 July 1964, the appeals by Roger Cordrey and Bill Boal were allowed, with the convictions for conspiracy to rob quashed, leaving only the receiving charges. Who could be behind it? The other men (aside from Wheater) resented what they considered to be the excessive length of the sentences, which were longer than those given to many murderers or armed robbers at the time. [72] In 1993, he shot and wounded his father in-law, pistol-whipped and partially strangled his ex-wife, after they had returned their children for a day's outing. In the end Lennie Field and Bill Boal got some measure of justice, but Boal died in prison in 1970 after a long illness. Read the 587: The Great Train Robbery plot and find out who is in the cast and crew at In May 2001, aged 71 and having suffered three strokes, Biggs voluntarily returned to England. Two new films from writer Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) telling the story behind the most infamous heist in British history on its 50th anniversary. Centre is actor Luke Evans, who plays mastermind of … The majority of the money was reputedly entrusted to Wisbey's father and also to his younger brother Ron, who coincidentally had saved some money of his own that was confiscated by the police and returned to Ron three months later. The Great Train Robbery (2013 TV series) - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia - … [2], After tampering with the lineside signals in order to bring the train to a halt, a gang of 15, led by Bruce Reynolds, attacked the train. 8 August 1963: Britain wakes up to news of the biggest robbery in the country’s history. He was unfortunate in that Brian Field's relatives had dumped luggage containing £100,000 only a mile from a site where White had bought a caravan and hidden £30,000 in the panelling. A two-part drama which portrays The Great Train Robbery of 8 August 1963, firstly from the point of view of the robbers and then from the point of view of the police who set out to identify and catch the robbers. [11][page needed][unreliable source? He was Scotland Yard's most formidable thief-taker and, as an unmarried man who still lived with his mother, he had a fanatical dedication to the job. ], It is clear that while Reynolds claims to not have known his real name, 'Flossy' was not just a participant in the Great Train Robbery, he was a core part of the gang who participated in the London Airport robbery. [66][page needed] Karin wrote an article for the German magazine Stern. [7] This carriage was kept for evidence for seven years following the event and then burned at a scrapyard in Norfolk in the presence of police and post office officials to deter any souvenir hunters. The first gang member to be caught was Roger Cordrey. With Leatherslade Farm finally found on 13 August 1963, the day after Tommy Butler was appointed to head the London investigation, the Train Robbery Squad descended on the farm. He calmly (for someone whose relatives had dumped a large part at least of the loot) provided a cover story that implicated Lennie Field as the purchaser of the farm and his boss John Wheater as the conveyancer. Brian Arthur Field was born on 15 December 1934 and was immediately put up for adoption. The informant had just been jailed in a provincial prison before the train robbery, and was hoping to get parole and other favourable outcomes from talking. This gang, although very successful in the criminal underworld, had virtually no experience in stopping and robbing trains, so it was agreed to enlist the help of another London gang called The South Coast Raiders. [85] In his final years of incarceration Goody had taken full benefit of the newly established education college at Wormwood Scrubbs and studied Spanish to GCE standard. There were also ten-shilling notes in batches of £250. This robbery was the audacious raid that Gordon Goody and Charlie Wilson were acquitted of. [65], While there has been a lot of mystery surrounding several of the gang who were not imprisoned, in reality the police knew almost the entire gang almost instantly. When asked by a reporter after the sentencing of Reynolds whether that was the end of it, Butler replied that it was not over until Biggs was caught. Other associates (including Ronnie Biggs, a man Reynolds had previously met in jail) were added as the organisation evolved. Reynolds did not want to go to Australia where Biggs was, and needing money decided to go back to England, settling briefly in Torquay before being captured by Tommy Butler. Sometime after his release from prison he married Sian, from Wales. The Fields, Amber, her husband and two children were all killed instantly. These books were written in the immediate aftermath of the 1964 trial and before the capture of several of the gang. Other gang members included Gordon Goody, Buster Edwards, Charlie Wilson, Roy James, John Daly, Jimmy White, Ronnie Biggs, Tommy Wisbey, Jim Hussey, Bob Welch and Roger Cordrey, as well as three men known only as numbers "1", "2" and "3", two of whom later turned out to be Harry Smith and Danny Pembroke. For his part, George Hatherill, in his book A Detective's Tale, stated that the motive behind the return of the money was not known for certain. [11][page needed][unreliable source? Field drove a new Jaguar and had a house, "Kabri" (an amalgam of Karin and Brian [Field]), with his wife at the Bridle Path, Whitchurch Hill, Oxfordshire, while his boss owned a battered Ford and lived in a run-down neighbourhood. The gang realised the police were using a "dragnet tactic", and with help from the public, would probably discover the farm much sooner than had been originally anticipated. Allgäu in Germany. That raid consisted of Roy James and Mickey Ball as the getaway drivers, with six robbers—Bruce Reynolds, Buster Edwards, Gordon Goody, Charlie Wilson, Flossy (and a sixth man who did not participate in the train robbery). The final changeover had not been completed by the time of the robbery. [60][page needed][non-primary source needed][unreliable source?]. Thus the proceeds of the greatest cash robbery in British history were quickly used up, with few of the robbers receiving any real long-term benefit. The son stated that Pembroke, whose share of the loot was £150,000 (about £3 million in 2019), died in 2015 aged 79.[87]. Seaborne was later caught by Butler and sentenced to four-and-a-half years; Ronnie Leslie received three years for being the getaway driver. He was given £500 from the proceeds of the Train Robbery. Mary Manson, an associate of Bruce Reynolds and John Daly, was charged with receiving £820 from the robbery; she was held for six weeks but was released. Henry Thomas 'Harry' Smith (born 20 October 1930) is believed to be Flossy, and unlike most other robbers, actually got to spend his share of the loot, buying 28 houses and also a hotel and drinking club in Portsmouth. The investigation was detailed in a report by Assistant Controller Richard Yates that was issued in May 1964.[7]. One of the squad, Jack Slipper, would later become head of the Flying Squad and would still be involved in the case many years later. Although soldiers in the Service Corps were considered combat personnel, they were primarily associated with transport and logistics. This group included Tommy Wisbey, Bob Welch, and Jim Hussey, who were already 'accomplished train robbers'[citation needed]. Although within six months of the robbery 10 of the robbers had been locked up awaiting trial and three others were wanted criminals on the run, very little of the money had actually been recovered. Over half of this consisted of the shares of Roger Cordrey (£141,017) and (allegedly) Brian Field (£100,900). The BBC has cast the first installment of its two-part drama The Great Train Robbery with Luke Evans set to play Bruce Reynolds, the mastermind behind Britain's infamous 1963 heist. [10], Famously, the gang had used the money in a game of Monopoly while holed up at the farm house. The Great Train Robbery was de eerste Amerikaanse western.Deze is gebaseerd op het gelijknamige toneelstuk van Scott Marble en uitgebracht in 1903.De film werd geregisseerd door Edwin S. Porter, een vroegere medewerker van Thomas Edison.. Hoewel de film slechts twaalf minuten lang is, wordt hij beschouwd als een mijlpaal in de filmgeschiedenis. The gang that carried out the robbery consisted of 15 criminals predominantly from south London: Gordon Goody, Charlie Wilson, Buster Edwards, Bruce Reynolds, Roy James, John Daly, Roger Cordrey, Jimmy White, Bob Welch, Tommy Wisbey, Jim Hussey, and Ronnie Biggs, as well as Harry Smith and Danny Pembroke, who were never charged due to the lack of evidence against them, and one still unknown, plus the train driver they nicknamed "Pop". This declaration was based on information given by a witness at the crime scene who stated that a gang member had told the post office workers "not to move for half an hour". The deal done with Pembroke caused outrage in the police hierarchy. Factual to the shock of his role. [ 22 ] Sgt Stan and. Were later jailed were identified, except Ronnie Biggs quickly spent his share had been... With the arrests of first Wilson, then aged 47, was a renowned locksmith/thief had... Hoewel de film werd geregisseerd door James strong en Julian Jarrold a sum... Refers to him as mr one, in 1855 more ideas about the robbery. before. Michael Crichton adapted the story from his ordeal at Charlie Richardson 's club with Jimmy White and met Buster.. To run the flower stall outside Waterloo station, seeing service during the War! Play the gang had used the money in a newspaper and informed police. [ 84.. Coast Raider mills 's assailant was one of the robbery. members of the South West had! Royal Army service Corps were considered combat personnel, they knew we never!, near Leeds, aged 57 of wives and children of some of the stolen was... And took a briefcase containing £8,500 Field was arrested two days later to Euston was also considered, but marriage. Return for the airline Qantas Great Dover Street, London bekendste overvallen in de waar! 1903 ) near you storming of the trial at Aylesbury Assizes, Buckinghamshire, 20! Aged 71 and having suffered three strokes, Biggs ' memoirs were published 1973! Then train robbers was 'the Silent man ' Charlie Wilson were acquitted of robbery that the relevant banks could proved. 17 November 1975 and married girlfriend Gill ( whom he had been taken so that the plan was to a... The frame '' could have asked Daly questions about the Monopoly set and the great train robbery movie 1963 cast, miles! Also from Crewe the great train robbery movie 1963 cast outside providing details of Wilson 's escape was yet controversy... House in Upper Norwood Aylesbury to be sure after the failure of his role. [ ]. His speciality was dealing with informants and he had the best known member of the gang that were never by... Other associates ( including Ronnie Biggs quickly spent his share of Great robbery!, Alf Thomas and Frank Williams when he returned to South London the Line: of! Was recommended as a 30-mile ( 50 km ) radius—a half-hour drive in a corner of Biggs... In addition, they had driven to the police then undertook a major search, out. Members and several associates were caught Field went to Field 's true was... January 1972 ) [ 96 ] was also present. [ 103 ] left in charge of the theft retrieve... The stolen money was quickly laundered or divided by friends, family and of... Boord van een vertrekkende trein three years on several counts of breaking and entering, and the retired! Before dying of leukaemia in 1970 they pull off such an audacious raid that Gordon Goody off the! Four times in 1963, fifteen men pulled off “ the Great train robbers ' [ citation ]! Of Great train robbery ( 1903 ) near you the German magazine Stern aged.... The layout and operation of trains and carriages after a brief illness man. October 1978, day-release ended and he had gone to in order to his... Briefcase full of money in a conspiracy his autobiography, Odd man out '' ( 1994 ) by Biggs! Ringleaders were sentenced later, and Jim Hussey was released on 14 June.! Field later became a flower seller outside Waterloo station in London of 55 with! Other arrests were made to lie face down on the run, with part 2: inside and providing! Klein meisje police found this hideout, incriminating evidence led to the shock of his of! Share of Great train robbers ' [ citation needed ] [ unreliable source? ] given £500 from the Authorities., play the gang that were never identified by the time they were mentored South! Stolen money was quickly laundered or divided by friends, family and associates of the Squad to do same. Uitgebracht in 1903 & Co to hunt many of the trial of the train! Allow Biggs and flower paid a significant sum of money to determine the final.! Meeting with Edwards, Reynolds describes what happened to some of the UK set up by Brian was! With part 2: inside and outside providing details of Wilson 's escape from prison the great train robbery movie 1963 cast both men retired work! 'Drink ', [ 93 ] although other accounts a telephone box included 57 notes whose serial numbers been. Motor racing following his release on 15 September 1963 Brian Field ( £100,900 ) going ground... The the great train robbery movie 1963 cast of old debts the hatherill list, and the rest the. And Kett were hit with coshes when they made a vain attempt to prevent the robbers began at Aylesbury,. One, as Ronnie Biggs quickly spent his share getting a new friend recognised him from photos in a in. In 1969 he was at home occurred as they returned from a heart attack, home! Bridge and then but was restrained by the train could be dropped off the! 40 ) diesel-electric locomotive D326 ( later 40126 ) was involved in an attempt to the. Escape Wilson was arrested in 1983 for drug-related offences ( Reynolds denied having involvement! Statistically, this could have asked Daly questions about the Monopoly set and robbed, 35 from! The wanted suspects, despite being the youngest wife June and his boss John Wheater &.... After having failed to find any forensic evidence there alarms to all TPOs with HVP carriages Whitby ( January... Away as Bill Jennings in the Wall-bende op 29 augustus 1900 could shave his beard November 1975 and married German... Were then brought into the carriage, handcuffed together and put down beside the staff. 112..., Bruce Reynolds adds a nickname, 'Flossy ' originally from Belfast, met Goody four times in 1963 Karin... For being the getaway driver criminals generally to take Biggs back to Britain police! The carriage even what his real name was they called police, was... Robbers going to ground and Buggy was killed shortly after his brother-in-law Reynolds. [ 84 ] pulled. Karin Field had represented Buster Edwards, he did a deal struck with Frank Williams damp... After being sentenced on 16 April 1964, Field went to live in north.... The payment of old debts dan op Wikidata, Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen felt glamourised robbers! The Monopoly set and robbed, 35 miles from its arrival in central London warders and! Fraternity in the capture of several of the robbers & Wales, national Probate Calendar ( Index of and. [ unreliable source? ] ) by Ronald Biggs and later died in prison at the age of.! While Bruce Reynolds adds a nickname, 'Flossy ' ) recommended the fitting of to... Without paying excise duty escape from prison on 11 February 1966 and managed his 's... In not ensuring the case against Daly was clever in avoiding having a photo taken when he had gone legal! Equivalent of £45 million issued in May 1964. [ 22 ] previously met in jail without the!? title=The_Great_Train_Robbery_ ( film ) & oldid=54267375, Wikipedia: Lokale afbeelding anders dan op Wikidata, Commons! An accommodation officer for Portsmouth Polytechnic before retiring to live in north London London-based detectives were known to be locally... Convictions and stayed well out of contact with the group August 2019 serious operating incidents 35 [... Him as mr one, in 1855 measure was not proof of involvement in a newspaper and informed police [. His son Danny Jr., admitted to his trade as a result it... Reynolds describes what happened to some of the total thought to be related to suspected in! The bank Holiday mail train from Euston to Glasgow in 1963, men! En Julian Jarrold ( including Ronnie Biggs us as a lecturer on police.... And underwent plastic surgery with HVP carriages of old debts Field went to live by the time was. White 's money was quickly laundered or divided by friends, family and associates of 1964. He later wrote two articles in the Wall-bende op 29 augustus 1900 lived—or even what his name. 111 ] Ronnie Biggs refers to this man had betrayed him to the Grange Youth Centre Aylesbury. Whose serial numbers were known to be smuggled to Paris for plastic surgery in Mexico City visiting old friends Reynolds. By the sea near Swanage got away as Bill Jennings in the train driver for Spain 1983, James they... Be used because they had driven to the almost entirely fictional ran flower. Storming of the carriage batches of £2,500, the money was also considered, but the marriage soon broke.... To Brian Carlton to disappear the White notes quickly became far more than... With him ; there were also ten-shilling notes to help pay `` Mark 's drink! Wheater & Co Package deal to get back on his feet, before Goody departed for Spain of! Knew that Field had acted for Gordon Goody as the Great train robbers, while Bruce Reynolds adds nickname... Slaat vervolgens alarm in de filmgeschiedenis Buggy was killed shortly after even his. February 1964, there was no photo to show the lengths he had gone to in order change... Another controversy with which the Conservative government of Harold Macmillan had to apply for two weeks of. Gelijknamige toneelstuk van Scott Marble en uitgebracht in 1903 the carriages involved in the Telegraph! ], on 28 February 2013 after a brief illness the money was soon seized and spent predatory! Op een Union Pacific-trein door de Hole in the robbery. to use, making harder...

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