Altaaqa Global Holds Global Team Workshop in Dubai

All roads led to Dubai on January 21 and 22, as various members of the Altaaqa Global team from around the world convened for the company’s Annual Global Team Workshop.

Dubbed “Altaaqa Global: One Team. Living Our Values”, the two-day event focused on enhancing the team’s collaborative spirit, reinforcing the company’s key values and behaviours, and enriching each employee’s professional experience as they continue to make a difference to Altaaqa Global’s clients, stakeholders and the larger society. 

In addition to open discussions and group games, puzzles and tasks, a highlight activity of the workshop was the formulation of the Team Projects. This activity allowed the participants, grouped in teams of five, to recognise and analyse points of improvement within the company, and develop real projects that would contribute in providing solutions to the identified challenges.

Commenting against the backdrop of the event, James Shepherd, CEO, said: “It was great to see members of the Altaaqa Global family getting actively involved, not only in the activities and exercises done during the workshop, but more significantly in important discussions about the development of the company.

“The objective of the #IAmTheDifference employee engagement initiative that we introduced when we re-launched the company is to encourage our employees to embrace their respective roles and take part in shaping the future of our company, because everyone’s contribution is valuable and effective. This is a journey for sure, and we are happy to see the team growing and heading to the right direction.”

The Global Team Workshop is part of SyNergy, the events and training & development programme of #IAmTheDifference. The workshop was conducted by People-Centric International.

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