Energy Services

Our power plants are equipped with the latest technologies and have the best fuel efficiency that will ultimately result in the lowest total cost of energy. They can be transported, installed and commissioned almost anywhere in the world.

We offer flexible contractual and financing arrangements (interim, BOT, BOO, BOOT, etc.) depending on the specific requirements, client investment and working capital availability. 

Our equipment runs on various fuels (diesel, gas, HFO) and can work in tandem with renewables and other power technologies.

Our power plants can be utilised for low, medium and high-voltage applications, and they can adapt to changing capacity demands. We can ramp up the supply to respond to peak requirements and scale down during low-demand seasons.

Qualified technicians and expert engineers manage, operate and maintain our power plants in accordance to our globally recognized QHSE policies –their safety, reliability and efficiency are guaranteed.


Our bespoke power solutions, comprising a diverse range of technologies, can operate on a range of fuels,
including natural gas, HFO and diesel.

Reciprocating Engines




Thermal & Solar Hybrid Systems